The Anoloas [Pre-Approved]

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    Religious, peace-loving insectoid mammals with isolationist and luddite tendencies, divided by racial boundaries.


    Anoloas hail from Heon, a small tropical planet on the very edge of CivSpace with a relatively weak gravitational pull. Such weak gravity on the planet allowed the adaptation of flight to manifest in many of it's inhabitants, including the dominating humanoids. Their ability to fly has given them specially adapted compound eyes and antennae, heightening their sight and hearing. Thin but rigid, powdery scales coat their wings, highlights of their face, and other high points of their body, helping to protect their delicate skin from wind resistance. Their bones are slightly hollow, making them fragile but agile flyers. Being mostly plant eaters, their mouth parts are segmented, with serrated flat teeth. Despite their seemingly insectoid and slightly reptilian appearance, Anoloas are furry, warm blooded mammals. All races of Anoloa have these traits, but beyond this they differ.

    Three races compose the Anoloa. Leoi and Viven are the two main races. Leoi are shorter and possess thicker fur. Viven have naturally more vibrant colors and have larger wings. Though they have a few physical differences, the most significant divergence between the two is their religious beliefs. Arguably, they believe in the same faith but separate deities. The Leoi believe in Niom, a god who requires his followers to have a non-interventionist approach to nature. Interfering with the will of nature, their god, is the ultimate sin. Some sects of the Niom following are so intense that they fear modern technology and medication, even the intervention of violent crimes will bring the wrath of their god upon them. Viven believe in Moa, a goddess who, instead of promoting preserving nature for selfless purposes, believes in enlightenment through nature and as such the selfish preservation of it.

    The third race is the most notable. Though they live in a strictly religious society that condemns those who do not also follow, most are atheistic or agnostic at the least. Their name even means "demon" or "damned" in the Heonese language. Tenomi, as they are called by their religious counterparts, are also typically mixed race. Both the Viven and Leoi denounce interminglers because of their opposing beliefs. Though still the minority, the Tenomi are slowly rising in number as the Viven and Leoi nations begin expanding into space. First generation Tenomi tend to have a "calico" appearance, especially the females. These patterns are simply the result of the the mixing of the bright and dull patterns of the two races.

    Though they are typically isolationist, their planet has become somewhat of a tourist hotspot for Hylotl and Floran generals. The vast tropical forests and oceans cater to both races, and the planet has become a bit of a neutral grounds for the two. Since Leoi typically inhabit the forest, they are more basis toward the Floran and vice versa. The two cultures' influences has caused the Anoloa to begin sending out pilots in hope expanding their hospitality empire to more planets.


    Leoi (sorta). They only have two arms though. Most accurate but would like to merge with second picture somehow. Credit to Nyascree on deviantArt

    Kind of a middle ground/ like Tenomi. Without tail


    Like Viven, but without proboscis and abdomen.

    ((As a note to others, Anoloa have been passed before. They are simply undergoing a small cultural and physical rework. This means they are still available to play on server, unless stated otherwise by staff.))​
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