The Amethyst Theatre

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    The Amethyst Theatre

    The Grandest Theatre in the Fringe



    The Amethyst Theatre is PUZ-L's ship, doubling as both his living space and his place of business. It has been running for over 50 years, and has hosted numerous performances across the Fringe, Civspace, and the early nations that would later form Civspace. Although it started in the Fringe, the theatre was built as a ship for a reason: to be able to travel. Before the First Galactic War, the Amethyst Theatre traveled among the early nations to perform for their populace. After the war, however, they remained in Civspace for forty years. Now, the theatre is returning to its roots, coming back to the Fringe and starting a new season of performances, accompanied by extensive renovation.



    The Lobby: The front of the Amethyst. Upon its walls hang canvases to display the current season's performances so far. Two booths are located on the ground floor, one for selling tickets and the other for concessions. There are some seats patrons can sit at while they wait for the performance to begin.

    The Study: The private meeting place of the Inner Circle. This is where scripts are written people of interest are hosted, and important decisions are made. It is locked to the public, however some may enter it with an invitation.

    The Muse: The secret den of pleasure that rests in the underbelly of the theatre. A mixture of a strip club, bar, brothel, casino, and art museum. After extensive renovations, it has been re-opened to the public, giving guests a reason to come to Amethyst when there is no show going on!

    The Stage: The jewel of the Amethyst. Plenty of seats face an opulent stage, ready to host the night's main entertainment. Plenty of backstage mechanisms allow it to quickly set up props and backdrops for what a performance may require. Most of the audience is seated at the lower levels, however more wealthy or influential patrons may choose to sit at the VIP box seats, which include fine meals and wine along with an excellent view of the stage.

    The Green Room: The hangout for the actors and crew. The dressing rooms for the males and females are located here, along with a kitchen and lounge. A comfy hangout for those who work for the Amethyst.



    The Amethyst System
    (Main Sequence Yellow Dwarf)

    • Ø
      Asteroid Belt

    • III
      Alyond Expanse III 


    • I
      Alyond Expanse II 


    "The Amethyst Theatre” is a ship constructed in the year 3229, carved out of a large asteroid and outfitted with an engine to allow for movement. Over the years it has steadily increased in size, adding to rooms and rocky exterior over the decades. It doubles as a home and a business for its pilot, PUZ-L. Although it appears to be a building set upon an asteroid, practically all of the rock was brought in to encase the actual ship's structure due to its various expansions that have stripped away all but a few small portions of the original asteroid, which is mostly hidden beneath the facade of fake rock and stone.


    The Amethyst Theatre is equipped with five ZPEM cannons, able to lift masses of 1800kg each. These defense systems, along with the ship's general power, come from a large Erchius-fueled generator nested at the center of the ship.



    Although most of the previous staff met an unfortunate end with the recent vermin outbreak, three members of the Inner Circle remain. They are the closest comparison to a planet's government to the structure.

    • PUZ-L: The leader of the Inner Circle, founder of Amethyst Entertainment, and the owner of the Amethyst Theatre, he is the undisputed head of the entire show. Although he has reached high status and garnered fame and accolades in his work as a theatre manager, actor, writer, and director, much of his past remains a secret even to those closest to him. A walking enigma of mystery and intrigue as he may be, he doesn't seem keen on giving details as to who he is or where he came from, often giving a different answer each time he is asked.

    • Edgear: Sworn to the Ink, Sworn to the Quill. Edgear Alloy was once a famous glitch author and dramaturge. However after a fall from grace he's spent the last 53 years in the Amethyst Theatre. He's said to be an unstoppable literary force, doing anything to gain inspiration for a book. Few know how Edgear's fall from grace happened, but it's said to have changed him for the worst. As head Dramaturge he is often the one coming up with scripts alongside PUZ-L.

    • Veronica: This Glitch has recently gained awareness. Thankfully it happened while she was away from her kind and right into the arms of PUZ-L and Edgear. Not literally, but Amethyst Theatre has played a major part in helping her find out who she was. The innocent and curious Glitch tried all positions before finally finding her talent as the Head of Security. Without her, the vermin outbreak would have destroyed everyone in Amethyst Theatre.

    Important Notes

    • The Amethyst Theatre is located in a dense asteroid field. It was able to nest itself within the surrounding rocks by using its ZPEM cannons to move the asteroids out of the way before resting them back. Thus, it is inaccessible by ship. The only way in and out of the Amethyst is the advanced teleporter resting in the garden outside the lobby. Most ships cannot get inside the asteroid field due to risk of collision. A ship waiting outside the asteroid field would be out of range of the teleporter, therefore you cannot beam up or down by ship onto the hub. You must use the Fringe's teleporter hub to access it. Please refrain from "beaming up to your ship" as this would not be possible. Instead, use the teleporter when you wish to leave. However, note that the teleporter can be turned off by the Amethyst's staff at any time to limit people entering and leaving.

    • The Amethyst Theatre contains its own drone fabrication plant, producing Glitch-like constructs to perform menial tasks and labor. There are numerous Service, Guard, and Labor drones that occupy the halls, controlled by a miniature Hivemind that directs their priorities and duties. Although the Amethyst is able to forge the metal casings for the drones from surrounding asteroid metals, the electronic components are bought from AkCorp.

    • Upon entering the Amethyst Theatre, you lose all consent to its staff, not including actors and crewmen. This means that upon entering the hub, you are consenting to injury and/or death upon its grounds at the hands of those who run the hub. You cannot "consent shield" if you start a fight, cause trouble, or otherwise give reason to your character being interacted with in a way you do not want. Rest assured, those who have the power to act without consent (The Amethyst's Inner Circle, drones, and people given permission by either of these parties) will not abuse this right, otherwise they will face consequences by Galaxy Citizen's staff. This right will not often be used unless there is a cause for it, such as an event.

    • Please adhere to the following rules while you visit The Muse:

      In Character

      1. The public areas are mainly for observatory pleasures. We have rooms for the more explicit activities with the escorts.

      2. You can be denied wishes by our escorts if they do not feel comfortable with them.

      3. Violence without consent towards the escorts will be answered with you being removed from the establishment. The management can decide to ban you from entering again.

      Out of Character

      1. Please do your ERP on the Discord when it gets intimate. You may use the party chat, but don't use the public chats (local and global).

      2. Do not harass anyone. The general RP rules of GC still apply here and will be enforced.

      3. The Muse is a house of pleasure, but stay respectful and use common sense: Remember, we are all players!

    • There are cameras all around the Amethyst and Muse. If you do something, we will find out.

    • Throughout the Muse, there are hidden ZPEM nodes that can come out of compartments in the walls of most of the areas. These can lift around 500 lbs each. There are usually one to two each room or major hallway, depending on the size of the area. They cannot be found in the more private areas, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, private boxes, etc. The Inner Circle can use these nodes through remotes, but only PUZ-L can access them directly with his mind.

    • Although there is no teleporter filter coming into the hub, there are security measures in place for the Muse. To access the Muse, one must enter an elevator. This elevator will scan its occupants while going down, and will stop if any contraband is found (i.e. heavy weaponry, explosives, etc.) The elevator will stop moving, and ask that all occupants place any contraband into a storage unit located at the rear of the elevator, a deep bin so that it is difficult to retrieve said contraband. After all offending items are put away, the elevator will continue to move. Although items are usually returned after leaving, Amethyst Entertainment is not responsible for any lost contraband from this safety measure. This safety measure can be overriden by staff members, as they can scan their ID on the floor panel slot to make the process not happen. IDs come in the form of keycards, and can be swiped over a black screen to override the search.


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