Thalass Cissa

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    General Information
    Thalass Cissa is a 28 year old, 5'5" Avian woman from a crime-ridden independent habitat station close to the "western" CivSpace border, the sole child of a religious Grounded couple who fled to the fringe in hopes of a better life. She had struck out on her own in an attempt to find a better home within the Fringe, and succeeded after her five minutes of fame in the Prisilite Prix paved her way to becoming a loyal citizen of the Haven Federation.

    Despite being somewhat socially anxious, Thalass is quick to warm up to whomever she can call a friend and can go on for hours about her interests. Despite having been taught informally, Thalass is a skilled pilot of ships corvette sized and smaller and is somewhat knowledgable on their inner workings.
    Physical Appearance

    Thalass is a somewhat thin though fit Avian woman who stands at around 5'5". She has tea green colored feathers covering her save for a patch of fluff that covers the bottom half of her face that stops just below her eyes, and a complete lack of feathers at her hands and feet. She has brown eyes, and keeps her plumage in a swept back style.

    Thalass prefers to dress modestly, usually choosing some kind of t-shirt matched with a hoodie or jacket with jeans. Additionally, while it's normally not visible her entire left arm starting from the shoulder is a cybernetic replacement, approximately equal to an organic counterpart covered in synthskin and fake feathers, intended to appear as close to an organic limb as possible.

    Thalass tends to be a quiet, somewhat anxious person at first, which can be most obvious in her speech patterns - constant interruptions of "Uh"s and "Um"s, with occasional stuttering and tripping over words. However, she warms up quickly to those she gets to know, and loves to talk about her interests. Said interests include spaceships in both their flight and function, ship races such as the Prisilite Prix, and various nerdy video and tabletop games.

    Due to her difficulty in approaching people, Thalass has few friends, but keeps those she can call friends close. She is currently in a relationship with Nelox Ixas.


    Thalass was born (or rather, hatched) on November 16th, 3259 as the sole child of an Avian couple considered Grounded, yet who still worshipped Kluex. Her family had come from the Grounded colony of Nesta, hoping to escape rising tensions due to holding on to the faith used to oppress and prosecute their neighbors. She was raised in Lucenti, an independent Fringe habitat station nestled in the rocky rings of a gas giant in the Vitami system, located only a dozen hyperlanes away from the MiniKnog controlled CivSpace border.

    While Lucenti station originally, and continues to operate asteroid mining along with serving as a market and pit stop close to the CivSpace border, it soon became a hive of scum and villainy as a sizable black market took hold in the station, with smugglers passing through to and from CivSpace on a daily basis.

    Luckily, Thalass had managed to avoid most of the crime present on her home station, partially thanks to a strict code of professionalism held by the station authorities to maintain order among disorderly people. While obtaining her education all the way through high school through the nexus, Thalass had started working in a ship maintenance crew in her late teens, giving her an early informal teaching on the inner workings of stellar vessels. After graduating online, Thalass later found new work in operating small, sub-corvette asteroid harvesters, finding herself most comfortable in the cockpit of a stellar vessel.

    Along with her new employment, Thalass also found a new hobby - racing these rockbreaking vessels through thicker patches of the rings her home station orbited, often for monetary prizes. In spite of the risks, Thalass became rather talented in these illicit races, and begun to save whatever she could to pursue a new ambition: she wanted to leave Lucenti station, leave her crime ridden home in hopes of finding somewhere better.

    When news of the Prisilite Prix arriving in the fringe reached Lucenti Station, Thalass jumped at the call, hoping to put her talent as a pilot to good use. Despite not coming out as a champion, she was still successful enough to move herself and her family off Lucenti station and into the newly-opened Haven Federation, where she calls the Capital District home to this day.