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    Good Morning, Galaxy Citizen.

    In the coming weeks we'll be implementing a series of pilot changes to the way we categorize and handle current and future tech apps. First main change we'll be rolling out is to the prefixes.

    While we will be keeping the prefix system, we're re-doing what these specific prefixes are to see if we can't improve organization in that hot mess we call a sub-forum.

    If all goes well, we'll roll out further changes.

    Originally I had aimed to bowl everything out at once, but in retrospect this seemed foolhardy and would likely lead to some confusion and A҉͎͔N̩̯͇͉̹̪G̬ͅE̩̹͓̮̰̣͉R̢͔̘̺̠̬̼̝

    This will be the master thread where I'll post edits and updates as changes roll out. Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone here, but the goal is to improve upon existing systems. Please DM me with any and all feedback as each new revision is implemented to allow for more effective data collation.
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