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    Original by xxscorps.

    Name of Aug/Tech: M1 Super Garand. (M1-SG)

    Description: An M1 Garand issued with custom ammunition. The metals are more refined, a discreet scope rack is attached.

    History of Aug/Tech: Leading up to the Third world war in 2078, rifle manufacturers competed to provide the best weapons for soldiers. The M1 super garand was thought up by a small nostalgic rifle company that aimed to bring the old back into the new generation. Many M1-SG's were produced and field tested but never went on to see action in the war.

    The M1 Super Garand became a weapon that, while undesired by the military, was desired by the civilians. The M1-SG was produced in bulk and many bought the humble weapon.

    The M1-SG Mod 1 was an all Metal version (Plastic grips) of the M1 Super garand. It had a light tactical stock, and was made mostly of the same metal as the M1-Super Garand. It was the predecessor to the weapon that would see service in the Military- The M1-SG-M2.

    How does it work?:

    The M1 super garand series has a strengthened inner workings that allow a projectile with almost a quarter more force than the 30.06, and a unique bullet to handle both infantry and most light armour. The barrel is refitted for the specialized cartridge, the bullet containing Tungsten carbide Penetrator, some High explosive and Some incendiary

    The M2 is a Sniper variant. It uses the same cartridge, but has a longer barrel and usually comes standard with a sniper scope

    Its important to note that the loading slot is slightly longer to account for the projectile

    The M1 Super Garand series is compatible with many scopes such as ACOGs and the like.

    The wood on the M1-SG is covered in a hardening and protective layer of wood varnish, is does not change the texture of the wood, just strengthens it.


    Intended use:

    The gun was made for the armies in WW3.


    An improved version of the old classic- M1 Garand. More powerful light armour piercing bullets. More reliable construction. Same old Ping noise.


    While the barrel is indeed shaped to keep the recoil the same, or less, than the m1 Garand, Recoil is still increased slightly.


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    How do you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay?: People like me, who prefer to use old weapons that are rather obsolete with their characters, may want to keep the look but have it be viable in combat RP. This is a solution to the problem, but not a replacement.