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    By submitting a species application I state that I have both read and agreed to Galaxy Citizen Terms of Service as provided in:

    Unlike Species applications, Subspecies need only fill out at minimum the basic synopsis level of detail as they piggyback of a larger chunk of lore, however the applicant is allowed to add more to the application as deemed necessary so long as these requirements are met. A subspecies application must exhibit the same grading criterion as a species application.
    Remember: Quality is key.

    A quick description of the species consisting of a few key terms or phrases

    Describe what the species looks like, what morphs or forms they take. Pictures can be used as well.

    Describe how the species culture works, what makes the unique, what gives them their flare?

    Tell us the story of your species.

    Intentions for Story & Setting Interactions
    How they are to be used on the server and how it melds with the story and themes. What promise do they offer? This is a very important criterion for their grade.

    Misc/Trivia (optional)
    For all the other details worth mentioning that could not be covered in the main categories

    Visual aids (optional)
    Can be placed in relevant locations

    The bare minimum of a cosigner’s duty is to play the species they have cosigned. It is strongly recommended cosigners help with the creation process as well but not required.
Thread Status:
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