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    ..::[Common folks, starting an uncommon topic]::..


    "The freedom is what makes us different from Civ Space, that's why we came here in the first place."

    The Suazi Movement is guerilla organization centered around the quest to create a new power in the balance of The Fringe. The current being Haven-Atlas-Ruin, Suazi aims to change it to Haven-Atlas-Ruin-Unaffiliated.
    The new balance would result in creating a council of all nations/factions/corporations that are feeling oppressed by the current balance and force them to be in the council as well, with the same volume of speech as the others.
    The road is long and hard for Haven and Atlas to acknowledge the possibility for common people to have the same influence, but it is not impossible.


    The current headquarters of Suazi, being nothing much than the caves' swamps and a hut inside it. Though that will change, as soon construction of a headquarter in front of the entrance to the caves will start. In a radius of 15 kilometers no communication works as a tall signal jammer is located in front of the cave.


    - Access to natural containments of oil, though they are not as great on their territory as they are on the Forlorn's.-
    - Ghosthunter-1 Forlorn ship, no FTL-
    - Handful of laser and plasma rifles, along with the ammunition-
    - Around 52.500 Pixels-
    - Ships of the members, whatever they have-
    - Two flying carpets-


    - The Forlorn: [Trade Partners, Neighbors] -
    - Anonymous Friend: [Ally] -
    - The Kul: [Trade Partners] -


    - Caligula (Me) -

    [Right And Left Hand]
    - Lothario ( @Psychic Blueberry ) -
    - Mr. Hog ( @Caucasian Asian ) -


    - Glass ( @zecon125 ) -
    - Carvis ( @retard ) -
    - Marco ( @Boglis#2991 on discord) -


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