Species of the Fringe

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    NOTE: All descriptions given on this list are the typical stereotypes for the race, or their actual pitch. You can obviously have weird other origins. There are also other things one could theoretically play. If they pick up I might add them to this.

    All owners are listed by their Discord user, or the name they are most known as by the community. As such, they are subject to change.

    This list will be kept mostly up-to-date.

    • Human
      • Self-explanatory. Comes in varieties like space-British, space-Canadian, space-Russian, Purgatorian(space-HyperAmerican), Niveousian, so on.
    • Hylotl
      • Japanese inspired fish people. Older ones are more traditional, samurai and shoguns types. Younger are cyberpunk and neo-Tokyo types.
    • Avian
      • Aztec/Egyptian inspired bird people.
    • Glitch
      • Medieval/Roman robots, designed as an odd experiment and caught in a Glitch.
    • Apex
      • Smart apes stuck in an oppressive government under the MiniKnog.
    • Floran
      • Tribal planet-people, hyper-evolved and specified to allow a lot of variations.
    • Novakid
      • Gas cowboy people with no known history.
    • Anodynes(Khaos)*
      • Internally-branded Novakids, cultured and with a nature of introspection and a general love for the splendor of the cosmos.
    • Purgatorian Worm(WowGain)*
      • Massive maggot-people who live under Purgatory Majoris, prone to genetic modification and unintelligible language.
    • Frogg(zecon125)*
      • Massive, Hutt-like frog people, cousins to the Hylotl.
    • Eyeguard(Jin the Blue)*
      • Winged cyborgs who believe they’re demigods.
    • Deadbeat
      • Mad-Max style mutated humans with red/blue skin and horns.
    • Subhuman
      • Fantasy-like genetic experiments inhabiting the Undercrypt and Purgatory Majoris.
    • Grey
      • Bitter Grey-Aliens from a dying age and empire and work with Penguins.
    • Penguin
      • Pirate penguins who work with Greys.
    • Agaran
      • Barbaric mushroom people.
    • Ehvin(WowGain or AngelicLlama)*
      • Peaceful llama people.
    • Gnomid(WowGain)*
      • Bio-mechanical fae creatures, intune with nature.
    • Fenerox
      • [Coming Soon]
    • Mimix(Nemo. Good luck.)*
      • Slime people who are never seen beneath their robes.
    • Firstborn(PrivateNomad) ((NOT PLAYABLE UNTIL LATER DATE.))*
      • Hyperspace spirit-armor people.
    • Ravir(Adler)*
      • Rare super-warrior exiles from the Adroma Galaxy.
    • Ghost
      • Spirits of the fallen.
    • Metanoid
      • A robot placed in a meat body.
    • Synthetic
      • Sentient androids that simulate and emulate organic beings.
    • Robots
      • Automated servants/artificial creations with no real attempt to emulate humans.
    • Azran(WowGain)*
      • Space-faring Orcish nomads, beast-masters, and mechanics.
    • Igrian(WowGain)*
      • Corporate-minded dwarf-like entities with a utilitarian outline.
    • Rantori(Adler)*
      • Xenophilic pilgrim-explorers, survivors of nuclear war, uplifted by secretive aliens.
    • Naians(TrIpTiCuS)*
      • Small, fast, curious marsupial gluttons who make fantastic chefs.
    • Thanifarri(Remnants)(Dekerrex)*
      • The survivors of a once great backwards civilization of faith honor and mysticism. Shape shifting refugees from a fallen world.
    • Chinaut(Yz)*
      • Mantis-like carnivores, with a simplistic culture and architecture.
    • Anoloa(Majo)*
      • Religious, peace-loving insectoid mammals with isolationist and luddite tendencies, divided by racial boundaries.
    • Quiescents(PrivateNomad)*
      • Playful liquid metal beings native to Garlen that forgot their own history, can transform into weapons, and subsist off a now-rare resource: Ancient Essence.
    • Cepillo Inodoro(krowski_nall)*
      • Pacifistic, fuzzy, tri-legged, low-tech, creepy, huggy, tentacled, straw-mouthed, in-the-background, desert-homelanders.
    • Neur’vitans**
      • Grayscale, Segregated, Religious, Humanoid Entities with Three Different Subspecies.
    • Dakkma(Jester)**
      • Constantly warring psychotic Rodents with a love for large weaponry and improvisational engineering
    • Winged Ones**
      • Small, glowing, winged, knowledge hoarding/stealing, bio-synthetic humanoids.
    • Vandamál
      • Quiet, nearly mute Glitch Vikings who speak in prefixes.
    • Eelicks
      • Docile, water-worshipping Eelfolk stonemasons.
    • Vruk'yeol
      • A matriarchal dieselpunk themed roughly deer-like humanoid race that has fallen into the clutches of the fossil-fuel industry and corruption of a global government.
    No public lore passage published.
    *Must contact owner to play.
    **Must contact staff to play.
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