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    *The camera clicks on* there is no sound, the quality of the video is low, there is a rather short, at about 5'5, Floran on screen, with a slightly green skin tone and large yellow mushroom for a head. He Begins to talk but again there is no sound. As soundless words come out of his mouth, there is a large flash behind him as the light goes out. there are several small lights that appear at the end of the room in a circular pattern. The lights go out and go back on again as two people enter through what now looks like a boarding hatch. The hole room lights up and goes dark again in three quick sessions, indicating some one was discharging a firearm, but who is unknown. More shots are fired but in faster sessions, someone has an auto rifle. More shots are fired by what is now clearly a pistol. The emergency lights suddenly turn on, three hooded men are in sight. Two have auto rifles and one has what looks to be some kind of modified pistol. there is blood covering one of the rifle-men. He has been clearly hit in the chest in several places. he falls over as the other two men quickly split up looking for the Floran. from one of the doors we see the other rifle-men back up into the wall before being shot in the chest multiple times. One left. The last pirate walks into the shot seeing his second dead comrade. He yells something but there is no sound so it is unclear what he says. But is clear even through the awful camera quality that he is distressed. He thinks for a moment before fleeing through the hatch he created. it detaches and we assume his ship is gone. The Floran walks back on screen now his colors almost unrecognizable because he is completely covered in blood. He sits down and says one last thing, but there is no sound. *The camera clicks off*
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