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    Description: A Dome like object that can be placed on a surface, on it's surface are buttons that make it look like you program a timer.
    Abilities: Weakens/Breaks the molecular bonds holding an object together

    - Requires the device in question to be programmed to a specific frequency attuned to a molecular configuration prior to usage. This can be done via Spectroscope or obtaining a sample and getting it's molecular structure and inserting data of that into the device.
    - Higher grade Oscillators have a possibility of breaking tougher substances, but much like a normal SO, it requires knowledge of the frequency of what can break the bonds, but overloading it can work just as well in a pinch, just expect to see higher residual damage of the wall of a structure such as a cave and possibly a cave in. Extracting minerals and metals or for more precise operations requires the attunement prior.
    - Can only be used several times before needing to be recharged, however can break if overloaded or shorted out
    - May not entirely break the object it is applied to, could just weaken it's integrity
    Conditional Limitations:
    - No EMP resistance
    - Cannot break certain objects depending on grade of Oscillator
    - Device may not function in extreme atmospheres (Excessive cold/heat)

    How does it work: The device in question generates an oscillatory wave based off of the frequency plugged into it to break the bonds of the molecular structure of what is attached to. When the device is primed, the oscillatory wave is generated from the panels on the bottom and is sent into the surface at where it is planted which strikes at the molecular structure of the object at a frequency that shall cause it to shatter. Specialized pins can be added and embedded in a region for more precise extraction and breaking, said pins must be programmed like the oscillator to send in a signal to negate the waves past a certain point for greater range

    There are various grades of this on the market, the more advanced and precise it is, the more expensive it is to produce, charge and maintain. They are known for precision mining and excavation processes.

    Flavor Text: Known as SO's by mining corporations, they are considered a go-to for instances where ordinary methods fail but don't want to risk damaging resources they can extract.

    Attainability: Open

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    Alright I'll start grading this bad boy. First thing, what's the minimum size of a Sonic Oscillator? For example, does it take more than one average person to transport it?
    A second question is if it has combative applications- and if the device is generally pretty large this probably won't come up anyway. But if it's portable, can it be attached to a person and used on them/their armor? Does organic/chemically complex material prove too difficult to damage meaningfully with this technology?
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    It's been several months with no response. Moving to denied, say something if you'd like to pick this up again.