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    Name: Snumguses (fuzzy worms, stringless worms, bastards)


    An organised row of well mannered, obedient snumguses.


    A disorderly pile of snumguses. These are naughty bastards and did not want to cooperate for the photoshoot.

    Snumguses are worm-like creatures, between 5 and 7 inches in length. Snumguses are covered from top to tail in a dense layer of fur, which is usually a single, bright, pastel colour. The colour of their fur varies from snumgus to snumgus, and some might have stripes or spots in different colours.
    On the front of their long, wormy body is a set of dopey, beady eyes placed just above a long snout used for feeding. Their eyes never quite seem to focus on anything however, and snumguses are mostly blind.

    Snumguses are friendly, if a bit shy. Domesticated snumguses love nothing more than to wriggle between the fingers of their owner.
    Wild snumguses usually hang around dense patches of flowering plants, where they feed on the nectar of various flowers. Snumguses are important pollinators in the wild.

    A snumguses brain is scientifically known to be capable of only three things. Looking for food, avoiding danger and love. These dumb little worms were made to be domesticated.

    Where is it found?:
    Snumguses were originally found on a planet known as “scrungle primus”. Note, the planet was not named by its discoverers, but rather by translating inscriptions found in various ancient ruins from a long forgotten civilisation present there. Scrungle primus is a forest world, where snumguses run amok, being by far the most plentiful singular species outside of microbes. It’s implied the snumguses were the result of extensive genetic modification.

    In their natural habitat they are impossibly common as a pollinator. They can also be frequently found in various pet stores around the galaxy.

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy:
    Snumguses are nectarivores, meaning they consume nectar. Domesticated snumguses are usually fed sugar water with various added nutrients.


    Love <3

    Snumguses reproduce sexually by wrapping their bodies tight. After gestating for around 3 weeks the female will lay up to 10 eggs, which hatch within a few months. Both parents will care for their young until they’re old enough to set out on their own.

    Small, between 5 - 7 inches.

    0.01 pounds (or around 6 grams).

    In the wild a snumgus will usually only live for around 5 years. Domesticated snumguses can live for as long as 8 years.

    They can provide unconditional love and help pollinate plants

    That’s about it

    Snumguses, due to their ease of care and ability to love unconditionally, are popular therapy animals around the galaxy.
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    funny worm. Passed.
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