"Smugglers' Union"

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    A loose-knit faction of even looser-aligned brigands, smugglers, and ne'erdowells, most that are a part of this "Faction" are barely aware of the fact. Nobody knows for sure who started the group, or who is actually running it, but here are the solid facts.

    Anyone can join, regardless of moral alignment, but you must first be "invited".

    Those who become a part of this faction tend to have more contracts sent their way for unknown reasons.

    The only prerequisite to joining this faction is being an established smuggler. They won't just invite an engineer at Horizon, or an Atlas footsoldier.

    Rumors float around saying that this group brokers in information and names across the entire galaxy, doling out the names of one potential contractor to those who need assistance.


    This faction does not represent smugglers or pirates as a whole, and is simply just another faction people can consign to themselves for backstory purposes.

    This faction does indeed have a founding group and home base in universe, but as it stands outside of the universe, I haven't exactly thought completely ahead yet. If you want to help me out with this mini-project and get things established, DM me on discord and we can start fleshing them out. I have a loose idea of what I want to do.