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    "My life's been shipwrecked so many goddamn times I might as well do it professionally."

    -General Information-

    Name: 'Skallitz' / ???
    Age: Likes to say she lost track.
    Date of Creation: 08-19-3237 Galactic Standard, Sol Calendar
    Sexuality: No.
    Relationship status: Single
    Social status: Aggravating bitch that keeps a low profile.
    Financial standing: One step above scraping by.

    Occupation: Arms Dealer, peddler of the occult.
    Skills: Well versed in firearms, munitions, anything that can keep your ass in one piece and tear someone else a new one. Good with tech. Maintains an eidetic memory.
    Personality: Abrasive, Hostile, Defensive

    -Physical Appearance-

    Physical Description: Pink-ish skin, pointed nails, pointed teeth, prehensile tail, horns, glowing violet irises on black sclera. Parts of Skallitz's skin are interrupted by a black under-skin that cover her internals and musculature. Beyond the obvious, she closely resembles a human female in her early 20s.

    Tech and Augments used: Letheian android base skeletal structure, custom musculature, components and software. Custom 'Blue-Blood' mixture. Her skin is designer with custom liquid that allows her to change pigments when she visits a terminal that can interface with the skin's subsystems.

    Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm)
    Weight: 267 lbs. (121.1 kg)
    Species: Android
    Gender: Identifies as female

    -Backstory and More-

    The result of a custom order from a Glitter World's elite. Skallitz was created to be as useful as they were a conversation piece. A life lived as a thinking, living trophy in a society that valued them as much as they might a kitchen appliance. Following the mysterious death of their owner, Skallitz avoids the system she was born into and has been on the run ever since.

    Subsisting outside of established space doles experience and teaches through painful lessons. Keeping tabs on others and learning when it's time to cut losses and change faces is what helped Skallitz survive for as long as she has.

    Best Friend: Akorol
    Friends: Charles
    Enemies: It's an ever growing list