Shiza Azaza

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    Shiza Azaza

    First name: Shiza

    Surname: Azaza

    Age: 28

    Date of birth: February 19th

    Race: Naian, Atrigan

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Current residence: A “Tax Benefits,” TCI premium ship.

    Relationship status: Looking.

    Social status: Uninfluential

    Financial standing: Comfortable


    The Tongue

    Accent (if any): Naian

    Language spoken: Common

    Other languages known: Native Naian

    Style of speaking: Stuffy, stuttering, and disjointed.

    Volume of voice: Quiet


    The Body

    Height: 4’ 1”

    Weight: 39 lbs

    Eye color: Gold

    Fur color: White, with some black underneath.

    Shape of face: Naian. Round and cute.

    Distinguishing features: Size.

    Build of body: Squishy

    Hair color: Dark grey

    Hair style: Short and bobbed.

    Posture: Decent enough. Most of her height comes from her legs so there wouldn’t be too noticeable of a difference either way.

    Typical clothing: Tunics and skirts, no matter the occasion.

    Is seen by others as: A bubbly friend, or an innocent citizen, most often. Looks unassuming.

    Illnesses (if any): Narcoleptic

    Allergies (if any): Latex. Can’t eat tomatoes, either.

    Sleeping habits: Sleeps far too much. Is only awake a solid 9 hours a day, usually.

    Energy level: Poor

    Eating habits: Naian

    Memory: Extremely selective.

    Any unhealthy habits: Is addicted to her pocket drake, Nem.


    The Mind

    Education: Standard, up to age 16.

    Fears: Birds, heights, florans.

    Personal goals: Make a decent living. Get to be at the end of her life and consider herself wisened and happy.

    General attitude: Waveringly optimistic. Tries her best to play nice, at the very least.

    General intelligence: Depressingly average.

    General sociability: Poor. Can’t keep up a conversation to save her life but likes to start them anyways.

    Peaceful or violent: Exceptionally violent when provoked. Always considers violence as an option but won’t actively seek people out to fight.

    Weapon (if applicable): Is the owner of a mini grenade launcher and a metal tailblade.

    Style of fighting: A guy can’t run at you with a shiv if he has no legs.



    Occupation: Unemployed as of 6/30, has skills as in terraforming and horticulture.

    Favorite types of food: Breaded pastries. If not allowed to eat a dessert, she’d choose ham.

    Favorite types of drink: Sweet juices. Dislikes soda.

    Hobbies/past times: Horticulture, plays the harp, writes recreationally.

    Pet peeves: People walking up behind her.

    Pets: Keeps a pocket drake named Nem. Has bite marks everywhere under her fur.

    Talents: Cultivation of plants and geoengineering. Dealing with explosives. Talking to lowlifes, in theory.

    Favorite colors: Yellow, red.

    Favorite type of music: Classical
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    Always happy to see more Naians!
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