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    Jul 22, 2017
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    Have you ever had an idea for a character that you either never got around to putting on paper, or simply never got to use as they wouldn't mesh well with the current roleplay environment? If so, feel free to share some of such ideas. I'll start.

    Back on solstice, I had a character I had intended on running during the period in which Duskwood was the go-to hub. For the uninformed, Duskwood was a run-down rustic town situated in a frozen mesh of both nature and the ruins of a former civilization. One area that dominated this hub was a large section of ruined road with a number of wrecked cars lining it. While fun to look at, it didn't see much action in terms of roleplay, and as such I sought to remedy that.

    Glitch have always been a favorite of mine to work with, given my somewhat unhealthy obsession with the middle ages, and so to take a unique spin on my typical knight characters, I created Sir Tibald, a knight who would patrol the ruined road and challenge passerby to a joust from atop his motorcycle. I had his personality planned out, his sprites ready, and was about to start with them until the hub was pulled from the server for reasons not worth disclosing in this. Alas, the next main hub would, much like most hubs, not feature roads in any form, preferring more of a cramped aesthetic to the spacious approach that Duskwood had taken. As such, Sir Tibald has been shelved until the time in which a new road-focused hub shows it's face.

    As previously stated, share your own characters!
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  2. PanKruk

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    Probably my biggest let-down in terms of project that I had was my Hylotl Shark Knight. I had the sprite, the backstory, and basically everything was ready but.. I can't really bring myself to play them. I got all that, but I seriously lack motivation or any other need to properly use them in a game. I've been on server as them twice, and none of those times were particularly long or anything; mostly ending in 10 or 15 minutes, if not less, of interaction.

    It makes me big sad.
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  3. Lange

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    Mine was definitely Goldhardt. A medival-time glitch stuck in the ways of old that wielded a giant hammer and heavy as fuck Golden armor. I planned it as more of a CRP detriment than an advantage because while he looked stylish, he had the weight capacity of a fucking tank. Fully spirited and everything but I couldn’t really find a way to further his story. He’s dead, and now sits in the bottom of my character list as a reminder of what not to do.
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  4. Pinkbat5

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    Damn this is a good post topic.... I have a lot of unused/unfinished art but not a lot of unused characters. Or at least I thought so, until I looked into my character folder. Yikes.
    [​IMG] – USSS official of some kind that I very quickly realized I didn't give a shit about playing. Probably logged onto the server only once for the entirety of the faction's existence. It's a shame because I like how she looks a lot, and Apex don't get enough love as is.
    [​IMG] – Haven Guard that I played for awhile before CIRCLEEYE joined. His full name is Derek Dandleton, he was named after a meme posted in the Glasses Gang discord in like, 2017. He was also supposed to be a member of the Glasses Gang, so I'm just gonna say that means he died in the Corrav bombing.
    [​IMG] – I have no idea who the fuck this is.
    [​IMG] – I created this guy shortly after the app for Visitant Symbiosis was passed. I recoloured the robes and everything. He was supposed to be a walking advertisement for the procedure, and fused with a sapient Visitant that would have a personality of their own. But then Khaos just went and did the exact same thing only better in every way by making Adela, so.
    [​IMG] – I love this man.... I created him this year... Why haven't I played him.... He's the grand sorcerer... He deserves better than this......
  5. PrivateNomad

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    Jun 25, 2017
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    had an idea for a skeleton with a spanish aesthetic, black and gold color scheme
    As a species the skeletons are obsessed with death and undeath; you have some species with cultures that are anti-cloning, and then you have the skeletons, who will happily raise the dead for any reason. There's been skeletons that have lived for centuries.
    Well, even immortals want to die sometimes. There was a place - the El Dorado of the Undercrypt, a golden tomb in Djarus where skeletons who wished to experience their Final Death went to die for good, never to be revived again.

    Who else to take them there but their black and gold guide, the Charon to the Land of the Dead? The journey was treacherous, but it was the best possible place to have your Final Death be. To guide a wayward soul there was a spiritual journey in and of itself.
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    Okay, been looking through old forum posts because why not?

    This is a fun one! I'm reviving it!
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  7. Randy

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    Before I put Margury on inactive, I was trying to do this event of a mysterious locust plague terrorizing one of Margury's cities. Sadly, the event never reached the point where I could introduce the villain of that event: An old Floran druid who commanded the swarms through the few locusts he managed to train. He'd have cracks and whither in some parts of his wooden body and locusts acting as a scale armor. Complete it with dark, torn robes and a hood that partially obscures his face
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  8. StoneBasilisk

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    Jun 26, 2017
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    My earliest unused idea was a villainous character, first formed way back in the Outpost Bar days and likely preceding the creation of my main character today. A glitch mad scientist named Ironsight, who was fascinated with the differences between glitch and organic bodies, particularly their brains. Never did anything with them. They did briefly resurface in my mind during my days on Solstice Roleplay, however, in a more refined form -- Born from my personal distaste of Solstice's high number of characters with psionic superpowers, Ironsight was reimagined as being obsessed with studying and harnessing psychic brains, as glitch to my memory were the only race incapable of having them. I had mused on bringing them back to terrorize the psionic population, reminding everyone that such powers were supposed to be rare and extremely strap-you-to-an-operating-table worthy. In the end, though, I just didn't go through with anything; I realized that the concept in my head was rapidly outstripping my own talents and skills, I had my hands full with Zauda at the time, and in any case the server ended up imploding not long after that.

    Rough approximation of what would have been Ironsight's Solstice Roleplay incarnation:

    Speaking of Zauda, they originated as one of these on Galaxy Citizen, being a random floran I put together during the Clop-Clop days for reasons I don't entirely remember. I think I just liked the look of their sprite, which is how a lot of my characters start out. I played them a single time to visit the neo-Horsebutt bar, and then they were discarded; they wouldn't get their time in the sun until several years later.

    Zauda Stonecarver, as they were on Solstice Roleplay:
    Zauda 2018.png

    After I had played through Starbound's then-new story with some friends, I tinkered with the idea of taking my character there and retooling them for RP. They would have been another glitch by the name of Latchkey who, after rejecting hive-minded medieval glitch culture, overcorrected and had become a massive space weeb, going whole hog on traditionalist hylotl culture instead. Used her once or twice, but never really had the motivation to do more (mostly out of the severe FoMO I suffered from around the time).

    Recreation of Latchkey's RP-friendly retool:
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