Seymour Clone #1

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    Character Name: Seymour Everett

    Cause of Death: Got spooked out by some winged lady, and thus he ran. Unfortunately, he ran too fast and was unaware of an upcoming staircase; causing him to tumble down it, break his neck, and die.

    # of Previous Clones: None

    Member Vouch: [font=Consolas,] Loo Tran,  Lange,  Polyima, Eliana Brigson, Voxilia, Atlas Robot[/font]

    Character Sheet: None yet

    Cloning Method: The Atlas Robot carried him to the Calypso Med-bay to be assessed. He was long dead however, so none could revive him and instead he was taken to his own ship and cloned by a friend in his own, personal, one-time emergency use chamber.

    Skills: [Not sure what the broad 'skill' means here so these are more skills/attributes ]Cooking, Piloting, Leadership, Charismatic, Professional Mixologist, Shooting, Inventive, Philosophical studies
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    I vouch this app.
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    I was actually a witness oocly to this event, many people were.
    A sad way to die, but regardless I'll be passing this cloning app.

    And to clarify, there are consequences for cloning, especially if it happens multiple times. As this is his first time cloning, the only penalties are minor memory loss.
    Being rather lax as this is his first death, I suggest that he has difficulty recalling philosophical quotes from time to time.

    In any case, you're good to go, you may play Seymour again 3 ooc days after his death.