Seldarii - Nervous Lightning

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    - General Information -
    Name: Seldarii​
    Clan: None
    Age: 22
    Date of birth: 05/21/3266
    Race: Nysian
    Navir: Ahiyala
    Lineage: Zeisul
    Current residence: Some Nysian city, I have yet to decide which. Will be worked out as IC channels come in on the Discord. Expect updates.
    Relationship status: Single.
    Social status: Mid-low.
    Financial standing: Gets by. Low living expenses are nice. Not a ton of spending money.

    - Traits of Voice -
    Accent (if any): Nysian? I’m not sure if Nysians should have any particular accent.
    Language spoken: Common.
    Other languages known: Nysian.
    Style of speaking: Nervous, often stilted - unless she knows you particularly well, she’ll often stumble over her words when she speaks.
    Volume of voice: Low.

    - Physical Appearance -
    Height: 7’6”
    Weight (under Earth gravity): 192lbs.
    Bioluminescence color: Orange.
    Shape of face: She has soft but angular features.
    Build of body: Lithe, thin, wiry.
    Foliage shape: Somewhat like leaves, actually - she has three flowing, larger bits of foliage on the top-front of her head, a few smaller ones on the sides of her head and two right across from each other at the base of her neck.
    Complexion: Eel-like complexion; slightly slimy to the touch, quite smooth. Null-black in color.
    Posture: Slouched, shrunken into herself, usually. Tries to avoid standing out. Fails miserably anywhere but her homeworld.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: None.
    Typical clothing: See gallery.
    Is seen by others as: Nervous.

    - Personality and Relationships -
    Likes: Gaming. People. Hunting.
    Dislikes: Crowds. Social gatherings. Failure.
    Education: Self-taught on a variety of topics, thanks to Nysian education. Knows how to hunt, how to use her Galvanic Shell to hunt. Knows how to make her own weapons, both melee and ranged. Knows how to work with Keris.
    Fears: Failure. People. Hurting people.
    Personal goals: Be good enough.
    General attitude: Either very chipper or very nervous, usually, dependent on who she’s speaking to.
    Religious values: None.
    General intelligence: Relatively high.
    General sociability: Extremely low. She wishes it was higher.

    - Friends -
    Nalani Wingmore: She's so nice...! She's the first offworlder I've really gotten to know, ever, and I'm happy to know her. She seems so... fascinated, by Nys, and she likes how I fight in Real Durasteel! I just... wish I hadn't shocked her that one time...

    Pip'alo: Description pending. Cheffy make IC Nys channels PLEASE.

    - Health -
    Illnesses (if any): Unless you count Conduit’s Rejection, she’s perfectly healthy.
    Allergies (if any): None.
    Sleeping habits: She’s an introverted Zeisul with Conduit’s Rejection. Suffering.
    Energy level: Usually pretty low, but if she happened to sleep particularly well (very, very rare), then that changes.
    Eating habits: Actually pretty healthy. She hunts her own meat, cooks for herself… not bad.
    Memory: Varies. She forgets things regularly, as a side effect of her sleeping habits.

    - Combat -
    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful. She avoids conflict at all costs, in spite of the fact she could actually probably win a fight with most people in melee.
    Weapon (if applicable): She usually either uses her favored sword (a thin, light, one-handed falx) or a Kessin of her own design. Both are made with Keris matched to her own bioluminescence. She also carries a Nysian handgun - fires medum-large rounds, subsonic, with inbuilt suppressor. Also designed by her, and also made with Keris components. Intended for self-defense, and as a last resort during hunts if she thinks she’s about to be killed. To date, she has never used it outside of training.
    Style of fighting: Surprisingly skilled and precise. She’s about average for a Nysian - as much as she likes to avoid conflict, she’s pretty good at it. But, because she’s a Nysian… she doesn’t expect an all-out fight against another sapient, usually. She’s not a very good shot, either.

    - Other -
    Occupation: Streamer! She has a small following, split between people who are there to hear about her weird species, customs and hear stories about living on Nys, and people who are there to simp for the cute glowy girl, which is her main income stream, alongside firearms as a craft on the side.
    Current home: Nys.
    Favorite types of food: Meat, lightly seasoned.
    Favorite types of drink: Water, actually. She finds most things too strong.
    Hobbies/past times: Gaming, hunting, trying to improve at the things she does.
    Guilty pleasures: Not really any? Between how accepting Nys is culturally, and the fact she’s pretty straight and narrow as far as her interests...
    Pet peeves: People pestering her even when it’s clear she wants to be left alone. Liars.
    Talents: Music! She has a good ear for music, and a good voice - especially with the breadth of Nysian vocal range, because of how they vocalize being so radically different from humanoid.
    Favorite colors: Orange!
    Favorite type of music: Some plans have been made and this is actually kind of important now, so… find out IC.

    - Nerris Details -
    Lineage: Zeisul
    Description: A raw force of nature, the Zeisul are the closest things Nys has to tropical storm- Forming in 'schools' of two hundred. Their skin emits a ghastly fog that shrouds the land from even the most shade-tuned creatures. What makes it all worse is their method of attack- Generating electric charges and letting them arc out onto their prey.
    • Galvanic Shell: You gain the charged texture of your Nerris, allowing your body to make and expel small electric shocks.
    • Conduit’s Rejection: You feel the gathering urge of the Zeisul, and require sapient company. When deprived of physical contact with others, you are prone to mood swings and loss of sleep, as well as paranoia...
    Prognosis: "Fog is an omen of great change. Many fear the thunderless lightning of Nys. Their lineage breeds the most sociable of our ilk."
    Rarity: Rare

    - Gallery -
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    First update.
    -Added "friends" category.
    -Added Nalani Wingmore.
    -Made room for Pip'alo.
    -Updated gallery.
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