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    Name: Shifter Ego Conservation Procedure (SEC-P)

    The medical procedure is one that in short, involves extracting the brain from a shifter and placing it within a metal prosthesis that serves as both life support and a cranium for the removed brain. This is then implanted into the head of a cloned body in place of a traditional non-shifter brain, and attached to the brainstem.

    Gives a shifter a normal organic body much like they originally had, with all of the advantages and weaknesses that those normal bodies possess.

    A plating of cerulium in this prosthesis protects the contents and its electronics from EMPs, though this obviously prevents the shifter brain from interfacing with any electronics outside of this prosthesis. This is solely to preserve the life support.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional): N/A

    The shifter loses any capacity to shapeshift and survive outside of this prosthesis, and depends on the surrogate body to survive. It also takes time for the shifter to adapt to this body, often having to relearn many things related to motor function, such as talking, walking, and manipulating objects with their hands.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):
    The shifter inside the prosthesis lack the barbs of traditional shifters, meaning if you blew their head open, their dead body will most likely not be a biohazard.

    How does it work:
    The SEC-P procedure is a very complex, expensive, and labor-intensive procedure.

    The extraction - First the central organ of a willing patient is suspended in a nutrient/oxygen-rich solution, the sort that’s used to preserve live organs for transplantation for long amounts of time. From there, chemical solutions and medical-grade nanomachines are used in order to strip away select tissues from the central organ in a process too complicated to explain without going into full techno-babble. What is left is the central nervous system, the heart and circulatory system, and one of the sac-like organs used to promote growth and shape-shifting. By the end of it, these together are given support by a lattice before the next step in the procedure.

    The prosthesis - The isolated brain and other tissue is then placed in a metal cranium of sorts, which serves as both a life-support and ‘home’ for this brain. Built in is a complex lattice that has a function identical to a more effective umbilical cord, which will isolate it from the host body later while allowing the passing of nutrition and oxygen to the shifter. Next is a hard-link inside this prosthesis, which the shifter brain is encouraged to integrate with using the biomass organ preserved earlier.

    The body - With this prosthesis complete, it is installed inside the skull of a surrogate body, and the other side of the hardlink is installed into the brainstem in place of its original brain. Blood vessels are then grown to the other side of the umbilical lattice, completing the procedure.

    Flavor text:
    Developed through teamwork between Diana 19926 and other cooperating experts in the medical field, this process was largely created in order to allow victims of the Haven Shifter Crisis to once again live normal lives without fear of being a living biohazard.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): N/A

    Attainability: Semi-Closed (The process is both complex and expensive, and requires professionals who know what they're doing. It will be ICly developed and put into practice.)

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