//Sealed Military Service Record of [NAME REDACTED]//

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    ((I don't know if this counts as a character sheet or not? It's not supposed to be. ICly it's a real document that -over time- will have more and more revealed regarding a certain character's backstory, so I figured it belonged here instead. Lemme know if that's not the case, sorry in advance.))
    Photo Attached to File


    Name: [REDACTED]
    Rank: Corporal (Later Sergeant)
    Service #: [REDACTED]
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    Race: Caucasian
    Bood Type: O+
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Date of Discharge: [REDACTED]
    Time in Service: [REDACTED]
    Unit(s) Assigned: [REDACTED]
    Awards and Commendations: 1x Medal for Meritorious Service, 1x Combat Infantryman Badge, 1x Combat Engineer Certification, 1x Heavy Weapons Specialist Certification, 1x Combat Wound Badge, 1x Silver Cross, [REDACTED] Campaign Ribbon, [REDACTED] Campaign Ribbon, [REDACTED] Campaign Ribbon, [REDACTED] Unit Citation
    Disciplinary Notes: 3x Reported for Insubordination, 2x Court-Martialed for Striking a Superior Officer (Charges Dropped on both accounts), 1x Court-Martialed for Shooting a Superior Officer (Found Innocent), 15x requested transfer to Combat Engineering Corps (All requests later withdrawn), 1x Claimed as Father of Child (Later Disproved by DNA). Eventually chosen by Gen. [REDACTED] for service in Task Force [REDACTED], at which time all disciplinary issues ceased.
    Career Summary: [REDACTED]
    Reason for Discharge: [REDACTED]
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