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    The Republic of Schelor
    "Our Savior guides us all.”
    "You have accessed the unofficial public information network of the Republic of Schelor. Please answer our survey before you proceed.

    >I have accessed your public information network to learn about the ROS… ( to immigrate/to satisfy my curiosity/by accident/other reason. )

    Thank you. Please select a category.”


    Schelor's earlier documented history has mostly been lost. It is known that over a hundred years ago a nuclear war with unusual types of payloads broke out, but not how it lead to the creation of the proud Deadbeat, the race that makes up over 90% of Schelor's population. The effects it had on the people and the landscape were very clear. A thousand wars broke out after that with millions killed. People had started to worship the weapons they used to murder and the vehicles they drove. Small peaceful communities tried to spawn but were lost to the dust in weeks. The life expectancy was 23 years and living standards were horrid.

    The All-Seeing Eye took note of this and quickly established a small, yet noticeable colony in Schelor called Peace Town. She preached of a united Schelor, without tribes and without war. Her movement spread to the South and reached a group called ‘The Chosen'. They were a religious cult who had up until this point worshipped Nex Alea, but realized the error in their ways after learning of the godly capabilities the All-Seeing Eye possesses. With new loyal subjects, her movement spread to the West towards the ‘Camaros' clan's territories. They were met with heavy armed resistance, but thanks to the All-Seeing Eye's superior tactics the Camaros quickly retreated and were pushed to the North until they surrendered to her movement. They had been expecting a treatment worse than death, but were forgiven on the terms that they topple their leaders and help the rebuilding effort. Shortly after this success, the ‘Death Machines' group, an extremely dangerous group surrendered to the All-Seeing Eye on the terms that they did not have their rights taken away and could help in the fight against a common enemy, the ‘Gas Guzzlers.'

    Today civilized Schelor acts as a monument to what the determination of people can accomplish. With the planning phase of the Xiao-Severt megacity complete, our future seems bright.

    Government Structure
    Schelor is a state with multiple provinces, all governed by local leaders with differing laws depending on the location. To learn about these, please contact a representative from the province you wish to learn about. Below is a simplified version of the ROS's government structure.

    The All-Seeing Eye/Our Savior
    (The highest authority in Schelor. All her teachings are to be followed without a doubt.)
    The High Government
    (A hand-picked group of people responsible for enforcing the All-Seeing Eye's will and drafting new universal laws. They also solve conflicts between local governments and decide sentences for serious crimes.)
    The Local Council
    (A council of democratically elected local leaders who debate the high government on new law drafts and regulations before they are forwarded to the All-Seeing Eye.)
    Local Governments
    (Democratically elected leaders with full power over their respective provinces.)

    Universal Laws
    A few universal laws have been put in place and are enforced all over Schelor. These are some of the laws that each citizen must follow. Please contact the high administration directly to download a translated, localized version of our 300-page long ebook containing these laws.

    1. [size=small]Our Savior's influence is not to be questioned, debated or refused. Her word is law. [/size]
    2. [size=small]Free speech applies for all citizens through all platforms, unless this privilege is used to criticise our Savior.[/size]
    3. [size=small]The classification of people under social status, race or gender shall not be exercised.[/size]
    4. [size=small]Citizens are not allowed to praise unapproved religions, including but not limited to; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Scientology, Satanism, Nex Alea, etc. Citizens are however allowed to follow these religions as long as they realize that the influence and power of Our Savior exceeds all other and if local governments allow these religions to be followed.[/size]
    5. [size=small]Death penalties and imprisonments over one month long issued by local governments must be cleared by the high administration. Citizens may argue their case to the high administration if they believe their sentence was unjust. However, a sentence issued by our Savior cannot be argued.[/size]
    6. [size=small]Citizens born and raised in Schelor may not leave the planet without a written request to the High Administration. Citizens however exercise full freedom of movement in our territories.[/size]

    Our Savior, The All-Seeing Eye

    The All-Seeing Eye (TASE or ASE depending on province) is officially referred to as Our Savior, for good reason. Our Savior is single-handedly responsible for starting the chain of events that lead to our once crippled planet becoming a functional multi-province regime. While Our Savior holds full power and is fully capable of running a regime on her own as proven in the past, she has granted Schelor citizens the privilege of living in a mostly democratic state.
    People sometimes say, "Bless Her thousand minds”. This is quite literal. Our Savior is not a single entity, but a planet-wide collection of over 1300 consciousnesses that work together behind a leader. Scientists, generals, peasants and workers alike; Our Savior can see things from every perspective before making a decision. She is referred to as "she” because of her main consciousness's gender and the form she chooses to take. A heavily edited picture approved by the high administration is attached below.