//Sarrasine Itlalco; My visit to this little place named 3DEN//

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    //A video of the Haven's actor, Sarrasine Itlalco, is posted onto most of their social media accounts. The tall secretary bird looking avian seems to be walking into some fancy looking home, holding the camera in a 'selfie' like manner//

    ''Weeeell, I just visited this new bar or club little place that opened recently, 3DEN. Now, I just wanted to share with everybody on the Nexus what I thought about this place...''
    The actor stops their wandering around for a moment, going through a door before carrying on

    ''My thoughts on it? Pretty positive. There is definitely a good ambiance there for younger groups of friends and those who wants to play some arcade games. It has a stylish, clean and modern aspect to it all''
    The avian then takes a seat onto a couch, camera still pointed at themselves

    ''Now the drinks may be a bit more expensive than those at the average bar you visit but you definitely have what you pay for! The drinks are delicious and look even better. The hylotl working behind the counter knows what she is doing for sure! Extremely kind and welcoming - and a fan of me it seemed which is ,obviously, always appreciated. Shout-out to Yuuara~''
    The bird then offers a brief chuckle and grin at the corners of their hooked beak

    ''In conclusion, give it a try. Go on and encourage this new business - from what I've seen so far, they surely deserve the support. Beside, you might just get the chance to meet me there. Anyway, thats it~"
    A wave is given to the objective along a wink from Sarrasine

    "Have a beautiful day everyone~"

    //And that was it. The video stopped after that. Short and sweet. Replies and comments could be left //