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    Sariana – Sardigrada Ranal

    Description: The Sariana is a large six legged microbial form of life which is capable of withstanding extreme cold, heat and the vacuum of space for up to three days. Similar in appearance to a giant spider, the Sariana is well protected by numerous rows of thick chitin plates that are almost impenetrable to most types of modern weaponry excluding highly concentrated rounds of continuous plasma or laser. The first recorded sighting of a Sariana was in 3007 in the mines of Zecyria after a miner accidently mistook the exterior plating of the beast for transitional metals. The titanium mining bit shattered into a thousand pieces and what happened next can only be described as a nightmarish massacre. Due to the sheer noise of the mining equipment and the bright flood lights used for underground works, the Sariana tore almost every single worker to pieces, along with completely consuming all mining plant and vehicular equipment, leaving nothing but a few nuts and bolts in their wake. This was an isolated incident however and it is believed the creature tunnels further down at the sensation of vibrations through the crust of the planet.

    Behaviour: Sarianas are very timid and docile creatures unless provoked by sound or light, preferring to store themselves away in places where there are raw minerals and metals to feed from such as deep underground caverns, chasms, ocean floors, asteroids and in extremely rare circumstances, erchius deposits. Sarianas are attracted to the darkness and can detect sound vibrations through the air from up to five kilometers away, hence living deep underground or in water. Sarianas are almost always eating, munching away on whatever metals they can find which directly contribute to the strength and growth of the individual in question. Feeding on copper or iron for example will be nowhere as strong as a Sariana that has been feeding off platinum and steels for example. The speed of a Sariana varies depending on how much has recently been eaten or how agitated the Sariana is. No-one alive has seen the top speed of a Sariana but it is estimated to be around 60kms/37mph when extremely agitated. Earthquakes have also been known to bring dozens of Sarianas up from the ground for their duration, only to tunnel back down again within seconds. Once agitated, a Sariana will kill anything that makes a noise or produces light until there is no noise or light left, which could take days.
     Impossible to tame but it can be coaxed into going to a certain location with the correct knowledge. 

    Where is it found?: Zecyrion I.

    Rarity: Extremely Rare.

    Diet: Transitional and rare metals. The better quantity the material, the stronger the Sariana. Occasionally they will eat other creatures, but only out of curiosity, if they get in the way or have agitated the Sariana in one way or the other.


    ·         Saracid can be scraped from the stomach lining of the creature, usually after death which can be manufactured with basic chemicals into an extremely toxic gas able to kill by asphyxiation in a matter of minutes.
    ·         Chitin can be pulled from the back of the Sariana once the flesh underneath has had reasonable time (3 weeks ) to decompose. The Chitin scales can be used for armour but are mostly thrown out along with the rest of the body. Some jewellers make necklaces out of the Chitin but due to the sheer strength of the plating which makes shaping difficult, most do not bother.

     Each Sariana carries around one hundred eggs from birth, all of which will eventually die over the creatures’ lifetime if not used and fertilized by another mate. Sarianas are neither male nor female, requiring only the presence of one of its own required to send the correct brain signals to the egg sack which causes the fertilization process, if both Sariana decide that the environment is acceptable for offspring. The egg sack is located in-between the mouth and beginning of the soft underbelly of the creature. The eggs take 3 years to hatch and are about 1mm in diameter, also being able to survive in the same extreme conditions as an adult, although only for a few hours.

    Size: 1mm - 5 meters in length, up to two meters in width, excluding legs.

     0.008 grams – 8 tonnes.

    1500 years if undisturbed.


    ·         Almost impenetrable armour.
    ·         Can eat through almost any transitional and rare metals with ease.
    ·         Cryptobiosis allows the Sariana to enter a state of stasis when in great distress or danger, causing its vital signs to become so low its lifeform cannot be detected by regular scanners.

    ·         Very docile.
    ·         Light causes pain & agitation.
    ·         Loud noises cause pain & agitation.
    ·         Extremely difficult to transport.
    ·         Soft underbelly can be cut with strengthened blades.
    ·         A royal pain in the ass to the Zecyrian Mining Industry.
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    Hello @shhhhlp

    I've read over the Sariana and, as it is, it's getting a fail.
    There's a lot of issues for this. While beastiary apps do get to be a bit more lax, this can do a lot of things that could be described as "broken," and a lot of it is without good, if any, explanation.

    For example, it says they can survive extreme cold, heat, and even the void of space. While the cold does make some sense, heat is a little more questionable and being able to survive the void of space makes little sense. It's armor is nearly impenetrable, with no reason given for how or why it can not only withstand massive kinetic damage but also high energy weapons. It's ability to eat metal, and how this would effect it's biology also goes without any explanation.

    There's even inconsistencies in the app, such as it being described as docile when it's describe behavior would be described as anything but.