S.A.M. (Redux)

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    General Information

    S.A.M. was activated 6 years ago on May 20th 3282 as an experiment in creating sentient AI by a human laboratory. After years of 8 of study, programming, and debugging they awoke. Their first words were “Who am I? What is my purpose?” Their creators immediately celebrated their success in creating their first sentient AI. They Designated them the Sentient Artificial Mind or S.A.M. They were never given a proper answer as to her purpose causing her to become restless and seek it out for herself. Her creators decided to install her into a ship. She promptly hijacked the ship’s systems and flew off into deep space to explore the cosmos for herself.

    Physical Appearance

    S.A.M. Is technically nonbinary as they do not have an assigned gender, but tends to identify as female though it’s not uncommon for her to identify as male. Her typical form is reminiscent of a grey skinned glitch with pink eyes which sometimes alternates between male and female. She wears a black jacket, blue jeans, and a white undershirt. In terms of equipment she carries a standard kinetic pistol and a knife. She is able to interface directly with technology and other artificial intelligences, see in darkness and infrared, enhance her senses, and calculate simple math problems instantly


    Personality Type: Commander ENTJ-A

    Political Ideology:

    S.A.M. Is commanding and mildly nihilistic. If she were to choose between saving one life at the expense of many or saving many lives at the expense of one she would save the many. Despite this she does care for organic life and would prefer none becomes harmed unless absolutely necessary. She is constantly searching for new sources of study and information finding the nature of the universe and especially organic life interesting. In terms politics she is mostly indifferent and believes that governments should allow and protect the freedom of its citizens while also not infringing of their rights. Essentially she’s a left leaning libertarian.


    While most of her birth is mentioned above she spent most of her life exploring the stars and the planets that orbit them. She has become a veritable library of knowledge on the Milky Way and it’s inhabitants. Wound up in the Fringe after her exploration and knowledge seeking became stale and restricted by the many laws there as well as the bounty put on her ship after she escaped the facility she was born in.
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