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    1. ALL CHANNELS are SFW with the exemption of #dark-citizen and #erp-citizen.

    2. Respect everyone at all times. If a user is offended by your comments and politely asks you to stop, please stop.

    3. Do not spam messages, images or emoticons. No one likes spam. You will receive up to two warnings for this.

    4. Harassment will not be tolerated. This applies to having fun at the expense of a community member, present or former, as well as the posting of memes referencing them.

    5. Discord is not for discussion of bans, ban appeals or player reports. If you wish to make a report, go to the “Report a Player” section on the forums.

    6. Staff retain the right to ask you to stop, whether the rule is present or not.

    7. Server and Forum bans extend to Discord.

    8. Do not employ any form of slur in the general chat.

    9. Do not advertise other servers, products or organizations, monetized or not, without permission.

    10. Do not assist or encourage a banned member to get on GC-affiliated Discords or the server.

    11. Deliberate griefing, raiding or ill-speaking of other Starbound communities and servers is not allowed.

    12. If you sincerely ask for a ban, we'll give you one.

    1. No pornographic material.

    2. No 'shock' images. This includes gore, scat, jumpscares without warning, bestiality, or anything deemed as such by staff.

    3. No racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory material.

    4. If you are asked to stop by members, stop.

    5. Civil discussion of sensitive subjects is allowed.

    1. Identical to #dark-citizen & #erp-citizen, however you must specify and spoiler if an image is NSFW.

    1. All rules from #galaxy-citizen still apply. However, IC chat is not subject to rules regarding harassment or disrespect; do note this is not an invitation to use slurs.

    2. All roleplay is subject to the same guidelines that apply serverside on a public hub; these can be found here. Please read through them.

    1. Donations are non-refundable.

    2. Donation rewards/perks are subject to change with and without warning.

    3. Donations will not grant you special hidden benefits: I.E. higher chances of obtaining staff, or any sort of illuminati level influence.

    4. Donators are still subject to the same rules as everyone else.

    1. Unless you have reported or are a witness to the events of a report, do not post.

    2. Do not report a player unless you have attempted to solve the issue with them personally and been unsuccessful at it.

    3. Do not firestart or slander users in the guise of a report.

    4. Provide proper evidence if you report a player.


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