Reborn Order of Moonlighters (R.O.O.M.)

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    Reborn Order of Moonlighters (R.O.O.M.)

    General Purpose and/or Mission Statement:
    - To promote freedom and entrepreneurship throughout the Fringe
    - To provide a home to those who feel they don’t belong, and to bring hope to those with none
    - To peer into the unknown and explore the mysteries of the Fringe frontier

    List of Members:
    EPS-Reborn (Lost Reborn, Nastia T. Reborn, Valerius Alogon, Carlotta Theridii, Geryon)
    @Lange (Rose Avalice)
    @Cheffu (Lillian)
    @Tamyka310 (Corchea)
    @Iamnotanumber2000 (Archer)
    @PrivateNomad (Phineus)
    @TurnWall (Pyrebloom Amberknell)
    @Horriblues (Koo Ch'Kan)

    List of Techs/Race Apps:

    Base Hub(s): Moonlighter HQ is located on Eden, in the Reach system.

    Link to Discord:
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