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    -The Rantori-

    RP Information / How the hell to rp your Rantori.

    (Disclaimer, most of this was written at around 3-7am. Without sleep. If the writing is a bit sloppy, ignore it. I'll clean it up as I go along.)
    Hey guys. The Rantori are good to go server-wise, but I'd like to set things up a bit before we get the ball rolling. The Rantori are a semi-closed race, meaning that I don't care who makes one or how many are made, but I /will/ be keeping track of everyone. If you want to make a Rantori character, I'd like you to follow the basic application format below and PM it to me, just so that I can get a feel for your character and how they fit into the race. Of course, it also allows me to see how good you are at writing- which isn't TOO huge a problem, but it still allows me to gauge you a bit. Here's a handy little link back to the Race App page for information to help you begin writing your characters.​

    If you have questions on certain aspects of Rantori or their lives, ask me. I'll add the answer to this page. If you have MORE questions, my Steam is hydra_1013. Well, you could always pm me here, too. I'm 'Hydra#6907' on Discord.

    Rantori Family/Regional information
    Aside - On Rantori eating habits. Rantori are carnivorous, but are not overly affected by consuming various plant matter. As such, their primary form of food may be meat, but most Rantori have quite the love for exquisite cuisine- Which leads to them using a multitude of spices to create their dishes. Even a Rantori living in the furthest-away Outpost enjoyed highly-prepared food. Their favorite treats include a variety of sugared meats. They do not gain much nutritional value from plant matter, but can pass them through their entire digestive tract with little problem, which allows members of the race to enjoy the tastes offered by such materials in addition to their meats. Yes, you can eat alien food. Yes, alien candy is still going to taste amazing.​

    But now to more important things.

    The 'Families' of Kamdor make up the Rantori Collective, and are the controlling parties of both Kamdor and its government. Each family governs its own region, controlled by a palace in or near a capital city which is generally near the middle of their individual holdings. While the families have their own laws and practices in their regions, they follow the same idea- don't be a dick, make us money, and we'll keep you fed, entertained, and paid. A family may own any number of cities and villages within their regions, but control from their seat in their capital. Most cities follow the same zoning plans on Kamdor, with entertainment forums and high-society establishments, as well as government buildings and the like being built in the middle of the towering cities, with residential areas surrounding it with high-class, expensive housing. Near the edges of the city itself, intermediate housing and less expensive restaurants and entertainment forums dominate. Outside of the city itself lies the industrial sectors, with geothermal power plants, water processing plants, and everything else the city needed to run. Due to these factories often being miles away from the cities themselves, the workers in the factories are usually placed in outskirt towns built closer to the facilities. These outskirt towns generally followed a much flatter building plan in comparison to the main cities, their buildings not nearly as clean or advanced-looking as those in the cities. However, this did not mean that the Rantori living in or around them were uncomfortable. These buildings were usually marriages of new-age materials like in the city with whatever building materials they had around them- Sandstone and mudbrick housing in the deserts, wood and stone near the jungle. While the quality of their living conditions were somewhat poorer in the Outskirts, the Rantori working in the facilities often made more money than someone working in the city itself.

    -City life

    In the city, Rantori enjoy clean, well-organized life in their metropolis, often working in one of the many restaurants, spas, hot springs, theaters, and all the other mediums for entertainment. While Rantori working in the city generally do not make as much money as those in the outskirts (They make roughly the same amount of money, but rent in the cities is much higher), their quality of life was often higher, the urban streets and walkways protected from the sand-laden winds by the tall structures around them, with remote-controlled city-cleaning robots on constant duty. Life in the city was clean, prosperous, and happy, with every entertainment and cuisine option available dotting each corner- But entertainment was not the only focus of life. Alongside these buildings were facilities of a more reputable sort- barracks and stations for police, fire, and medical departments, as well as schools, regional courts and the like. While it might seem like there would be a sort of stigma for those who lived on the outskirts or outer-rings of the cities, there was none, with each Rantori, rich or poor, able to move freely from outskirt to city, from the wilds to other cities. Of course, moving from one Family-controlled region to another required documentation. This helped combat the notorious black market scene on Kamdor, where a few Rantori not part of any family run their own trading ring outside of their supervision (and taxation). Both legal and illegal goods are traded in secret, from mundane items that simply undercut local prices to illegal narcotics. As a side note, even the lowest of the Rantori, while curious creatures, tend to shy away from alien-made drugs, preferring local plant-based hallucinogenics over anything else.

    -Outskirts Life
    In the Outskirts of the city, Rantori work in industrial and agricultural facilities as mentioned above, the 'farmers' mostly focusing on livestock, though herb-growers for food spicing were common as well. While the outskirt towns and villages (I took a lot of inspiration from Tatooine for much of Kamdor, including the architecture for Outskirt cities.) lacked much of the entertainment and relaxation that city life offered, that did not mean that those living there did not find their own ways of entertaining themselves. As detailed in the Race application, those who lived outside of the cities invented a sport involving the racing of their Sand-Runners (Called 'Jolters' by those in the business), hovering vehicles powered by fusion core batteries. This sport, called Dune Running, became quite popular on Kamdor over the years, with racers (colloquially called 'Runners') from every region and station in life building and tuning their own racers for both organized and private events. This meant that there were massive televised races that involved the best family-sponsored racers from every region for massive rewards, as well as backwater junker races between prospective mechanics and Runners. The Rantori, being naturally-quick of mind and body, were perfect for the sport, their quick reaction times and dexterity allowing them to navigate the often-dangerous courses with relative ease. Each region had their own courses mapped out for official use, but that didn't stop the Runners of every color from taking their Jolters through canyons with massive spikes, drops, and ramp-launches for fun... Though many of the official regional tracks often included the most dangerous obstacles. No problem for the most skilled of the Runners. Naturally, the most fit racers owed their prowess to incredible reflexes and perception. This both gave them an edge in their racing, as well as drawing the eyes of the Collective Navy.
    -An outskirts home. Ignore the wheeled vehicle. IT ISNT REAL.-
    -An Anbas-sponored Runner's Jolter in action.-
    -Outpost life
    Some Rantori live in villages and outposts far from the cities, either to avoid interacting with the government, or for research purposes. These outposts are often quite small, only housing around twenty Rantori. While those living away from the eyes of the Collective and the Family that owns the region they live in are self-explanatory, research outposts are Family-administrated facilities for monitoring certain anomalies on their planet, including the rare site of ancient ruins in the deserts, as well as the much more common ruins in the jungles of Kamdor's equatorial belt. Some Rantori even live on Kamdakkor, the massive jungle-saturated planet that Kamdor orbits. Of course, life in one of these outposts is usually filled with busywork. This was not a place to raise a family. The only entertainment these researchers had were videos, musical instruments, and access to the Rantori Extranet.

    -The housing of Rantori living at an outpost.-
    -Family life
    The Families of Kamdor, being incredibly rich and powerful, own and maintain their regions, borders set in stone the day that their society was rebuilt. These Families can be hundreds of members big, and live in a grand palace in or around their capital cities. One can either be born or married into the Family, but those wishing to marry into the family must hold both wealth and station in life. Family members are often seen among the city, but enjoy their own entertainment in the massive palaces. You can imagine what goes on in there. It's 5am and I'm tired of writing. As said above, ask any question, and it'll be added.

    -A Family's Palace dining room. You can imagine what the rest of their palaces look like-

    Military stuff / Rantori Navy / Tech-whatever

    The Rantori Collective was a council made up of the ruling members of each Region-controlling family, and they oversaw each planetary and system-wide issue and law. They were also responsible for defending their system from potential alien threats. While their navy is small in volume when compared to the next member of the galactic community, the Rantori navy is not a pushover, even when outgunned and outnumbered. This is mostly owed to their number of incredible pilots. Each region has its own 'talent scouts' for the navy, who report and recruit those with the potential to be pilots. These pilots come from all walks of life, with many being drawn from Dune-Runners. It didn't matter if you had a criminal background and had no other skills- if you showed enough potential, the navy offered to recruit you. Upon accepting enlistment into the RCIN (Rantori Collective Interstellar Navy), a prospective Pilot is pressed into intense physical, mental, and emotional training. If a Rantori successfully passed their training, they would come out knowing how to operate every ship and vehicle (Including their Mechs) in the Rantori arsenal with discipline and finesse. For example, a small group of 10 fighter-class ships were recently ambushed in one of Kas' (their star) neighboring systems by a pirate frigate and 40 fighters. The Rantori ships, unable to jump to FTL, were forced to fight, and ended the day by eliminating all 40 fighters and disabling the frigate long enough for larger Rantori ships to arrive- all without losing a single fighter of their own in the dogfighting. Pilots are trained for years as infantry as well, their already notable agility and situational awareness enhanced by the best technology the Collective could offer them. At the end of the day, a Pilot is the elite of the Navy, often serving until age starts to lessen their abilities. Upon reaching such ages, or retiring after the required twenty-year service period, Pilots return to Rantori society, often offered spots as Family envoys, or even offered a spot among the family itself through marriage. In any case, retired pilots are usually quite rich by the time their service ends.
    -Keru's Tooth, the Rantori's largest ship. Classified as a heavy cruiser.-
    Of course, the larger Rantori ships were not only home to RCIN Pilots, but to gifted marines and engineers as well. While these other operators on the ships were not trained as intensely as the rarer Pilots, they are often taught how to pilot the type of ship they operate on in case of emergency. Vehicular Engineers are some of the most respected members in Rantori society, with numbers working on everything from a scrap-built Desert Jolter to the RCIN's largest Cruiser. Naturally curious, many Rantori have an affinity for tearing objects and technology apart and putting them back together, trying to figure out the intricacies of how something works. This, combined with the race's quick learning, makes for great mechanics and engineers, the best of them being recruited by the RCIN to work on their starships.

    Alongside the engineers and pilots in Rantori society are their famous Skirmishers, infantry who are trained to use their natural agility to outmaneuver and confuse their opponents with agitating attacks. Among the Skirmishers, Rantori make for wonderful scouts and infiltrators. Light on their feet, Rantori Skirmishers are lightly armored (if they choose to wear armor at all) and are used around Kamdor as police and sentinels, as well as in the RCIN as Marines. While the Skirmishers are trained to hone their abilities, nearly all Rantori are fast, agile, and have great reaction times. This leads many to instead take up jobs as hunters in their regions, especially in cities near the equator, its jungles full of often-dangerous and predatory creatures... Which tended to taste very, very good. In addition to this, many quick-footed Rantori (including retired RCIF Pilots) are hired by their Region's family to explore the jungles of the equator and the ancient secrets within them. To this day, the dense jungle is not fully-mapped. What secrets could the ancient overgrown structures and ruins reveal?

    Rantori often still use basic hunting tools and weapons on Kamdor, not averse to using simple spears, knives, and bows to hunt their prey. Of course, the military, and many civilians, use more advanced weapons for self-defense. Rantori weaponry as a whole tend to focus on coilguns and gauss-cannons of all shapes and sizes, from the massive main gun of the largest RCIF cruiser to a handheld Skirmisher sidearm. Most Interstellar ships (including the ones used by Pilgrims) are outfitted with at least some modicum of defense in the form of Gauss guns, which work by accelerating a metal slug to incredible speeds via magnetized 'barrels', the weapons outputting rather damaging rounds on par with STS starship torpedoes. This, however, makes the weapons slow to charge up and reset, resulting in a slow firing speed. Of course, that doesn't mean that the ship that is charging their Gauss has to stop being evasive. Like the Rantori themselves, their vehicles, from their Jolters to their ships, are built for maximum maneuverability and agility, the only exception being their heavy cruisers. But back to the coilguns. While Gauss cannons are used on both ships and military land vehicles, infantry and civilians are outfitted (or can buy, in the civilians' case.) with weapons called Coilguns- Basically, small, portable Railguns of various shape, size, and function. While the name of the weapon may be intimidating, they are only slightly more powerful than their counterparts among the galactic community, their design mitigating enough recoil to allow the weapons to be used by the physically-smaller Rantori. These weapons are loaded with solid chunks of alloy delivered via a 'magazine', which the weapon shaves a small slug off of upon pulling the trigger to be fired at the enemy. Pulling the trigger does not equal firing the weapon, however. Pulling the trigger of a Rantori weapon shaves the slug off of the bar, delivering it to the barrel to be sent down the magnet-lined barrel, as well as charging electromagnets involved in accelerating the round. This process is quite quick, performed in less than a second. However, it is not instantaneous. To actually fire a Rantori Coilgun, the trigger must be RELEASED after pulling it and waiting for it to charge. Of course, there is a safety button on most of these weapons allowing the operator to release the trigger without firing, keeping the weapon charged and primed for firing the next time the trigger is pulled. Leaving the weapon primed without firing it for long periods of time can drain the weapon's replaceable battery. Of course, with the amount of energy required to fire these weapons, as well as mitigate the recoil involved, Rantori Coilguns are vulnerable to EMPs.
    Of course, a Rantori could fire a normal human-built firearm, despite difficulty with managing recoil. Stick to SMGs or something if you're forced. Shooting a 12ga will put you on your furry ass.

    Naming conventions, Rantori language common terms.

    Modern Rantori primarily speak a modernized version of a tongue that mixed words from many of their languages before the Long Dark. The Language, called 'Rantas',
    is made up of various sounds including something considered 'normal speech' by humans, but is also made up of various clicks, barks, and growls. While I am willing to write up this much fucking lore on this species, I am not willing to write an entire language. However, I will give you a few basics a bit lower down. Hopefully with a basic understanding of what I'm going for, you can bullshit the speech if you want to talk with another Rantori without the dirty Civspace races understanding you. Aka, make up words at your leisure, following the theme. Just be sure to send what you're saying to the other Rantori through a steam message or a /w. That means keeping your IG name a single word. I don't care if you use colors, just inform everyone of your color code. Yeah, it'll just have your first name above your head, but that doesn't stop you from HAVING a last name/nickname/whatever. Just reveal it through dialogue and rp you nerds. With that, I'll get onto the naming conventions for your characters.

    The full name of a Rantori includes the name given to them by their parents, their family name, and the name of the family that owns the region they live in. For example: Hask Venra'Ichin.

    The first name of this Rantori would be Hask. It's what you call him in general conversation. Venra is his family name (Note that there are families besides the big powerful ones that administrate their regions) and Ichin is the name of the region they live in (And the family that owns it.) Now, to make things simple, I'll list a few different names.

    • Jir Visia'Anbas
    • Eria Naisu'Djinas
    • Henris Possik'Ichin
    • Vitilai Kalus (Note the lack of the normal family name. That means Vitilai is a member of the Kalus Family.)
    • Kirkis Taruna'Keei
    • Tyri Bulsae'Keru
    • Maser Kenkit'Unbarai
    • Rin Varl'Maeor

    Rantori cities and villages are usually named after their founder's last name, with -as- placed at the end. Let's say Hask Venra'Ichin came to the Fringe and made a colony. He'd call it Venras. If someone with the last name Hori made one, it'd be Horias. Simple. While the capital cities on Kamdor are named as such, the secondary cities in a Family's region would take the last name of its first appointed governor, which would always be given to a Rantori that wasn't yet in the family. For example, the Keru Family on Kamdor live in Keruas (Keru-as), but own another city named Toras.

    -Basic terms

    No, I don't expect you to memorize them. Just sprinkle a few of these here and there.

    Hi, hello, etc. - Chut Kalure (formal greeting) Chut (Less formal, 'Hi'.)
    Goodbye - Jurna (goodbye) Nulrin kalus junrai, kha ain junras. (May your feet be quick, your eyes quicker.) ((Kalus Junrai is common as well. Fast feet.))
    You - Ket
    Me - Ken
    Yes - Hai
    No - Hur
    Fuck you ((important in the Fringe)) - Vira Ket (or Virket for short)
    General insult for terrible people. - Viru. (A common term for wretch, failure, idiot, slow pitiful creature, etc.)
    Fast - Junrai ((Find a way to incorporate it into your own bullshit words to say 'you're too slow, GOTTA GO FAST' for bonus points))
    Slow - Virai
    Firearm - Chtka. (Cht-kah)
    Home - Kami
    Man/Male/Dudebro - Yir
    Woman/Female/Ladyperson - Yin
    Family terms - Yira (Father) Yina (Mother) Yiru (Brother) Yinu (Sister)
    Friend - Kam (A Rantori has few ACTUAL friends, considering their friends part of their family.)
    Enemy - Viran

    And to give you an idea on what Rantas speech looks like, HAVE A FEW EXAMPLES.

    "Cht. Kalankas vei tanu kas shali rrh-tah? Krail? Hali."

    *Kai clears his throat, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth a moment as his ears fold back against this skull, advertising his annoyance. "Pfft. Hur, ket viru Kirkis... Alsi ket anbara virai?"

    "There are only so many times I can tell you this, you slow idio-.. Oh. Got a Human coming." Tyri says quietly, turning back to Rin. "Na. Rrh-vanai virai kali'kali."

    Note how growly sounds are incorporated here and there, usually a growl connected to the next word with a '-'. Rrh-Kilir.

    If you have questions, ask em'.


    Starting a few years ago, the Rantori Collective started offering to send young-adult Rantori out of the system to bring back alien knowledge and technology to Kamdor in an attempt to expand their culture. As this 'mission' only started a few years ago, the older Rantori were largely excluded. Where the requirement to leave Rantori-controlled space normally involved finishing the Collective's Primary Schooling, some older members of the race /could/ leave on an adventure of their own, so long as they had enough money to pay for the trip themselves. While on Pilgrimage, the Rantori explorers do not represent the Collective or Kamdor, instead out among the stars on their own. While the Collective does initially outfit the Pilgrim with a ship, food, water, and other supplies including self-defense tools, the Rantori is on his own when he leaves their system. That is, unless the Pilgrim joins up with others with the same goal.

    The process of being selected for Pilgrimage is simple. A Rantori, upon graduating from Collective Primary schooling, volunteers for Pilgrimage register with their Regional Family for such, their names added to the pot. Each year, names are selected at random, with twenty Rantori from each region being selected to leave the planet. Upon receiving their Family-paid equipment and going-away gifts, the young Pilgrim jumps away from Rantori-controlled space, following their race's starmaps (and often not) in order to find the curiosities of the galaxy. Some go to Civspace to learn of the races there, others find uncharted planets full of secrets. All of them go on their own adventures, earning valuable experience for the rest of their lives. In addition, a Pilgrim is expected to bring back previously-unknown knowledge, or at least enough wealth to pay back the costs incurred by the Family that sponsored them. After they leave Kamdor, a Pilgrim is prohibited from returning to the planet for a period of around 5 Solar years (Besides emergencies). After the time is up, some Rantori may elect to send back their knowledge and wealth, but stay away from Kamdor to instead live in their newly-found homes.

    While the equipment and supplies given to the Pilgrim by their sponsor is generally universal, they are allowed to bring whatever they need from their civilian life, be it extra clothes, food, or equipment.

    Family history / regions.

    ((If you have ideas for the region your character is from, contact me, and I'll look into adding it here. A couple of these are barebones because I'm writing this at 7am without sleep.))


    The Anbas family, one of the richest families of Kamdor, prides itsef in its offerings to the Navy, and to the Dune-Running scene. Embracing the sport more than any other family, the Anbas have built a massive track that worms its way through the city, as well as its mountainous outskirts. The city's citizens enjoy a peaceful life, the region's natural hot springs proving quite beneficial. Who wouldn't want to sit in a spring while you watch the weekly Jolter race while you eat your sugared meats? Naturally, with its emphasis on the sport, Anbasas is home to the highest amount of Runners in any city, and is home to many a cross-regional race. Naturally, those living in the outskirts are quite fond of trying to build their own Jolters. While the cities in Anbas are surrounded completely by mountains and desert, the Family takes great pleasure in planting trees and plants from the jungles in their cities, keeping them tended to as best they can.
    With how many mechanics and racers there are in Anbas, it is easy enough to understand why so many of its citizens end up serving in the navy.
    Naturally, Anbasas attracts quite a lot of alien sightseers.

    -Anbasas from the sands-


    The Djinas, masterful explorers, only survive as a Family due to the 'professional adventurers' that live among them. The family sells their services off to the other families of Kamdor, sending them across the planet to map its secrets, bringing back their treasures to sell in their markets. Djinasas and the smaller cities around it are built mostly-underground at the base of the mountain ranges around it, separating the jungle they lived in from the deserts.
    The only researchers on Kamdakkor are explorers from Djinasas, as no others are foolhardy and curious enough to live alone on the planet. Naturally, Djinas citizens' curiosity is encouraged, even taught in their cities. It's... Usually pretty damned quiet in Djinasas, even enough to bore a good number of its citizens. It's no wonder that Djinas Rantori have a love of exploring faraway lands.​
    -Djinasas, topside district-


    The Ichin, trading for most of their energy and materials with other families, heavily concentrates on research and technological development. The Ichin have only one city, Ichinas, which has no outskirts district. With their resources and energy sent from their neighbors the Unbarai, citizens in Ichin are free to live without having to worry about producing their own resources. As such, the city houses some of the planet's most advanced research facilities, as well as the most reputable schools. Erudite, and often snobbish, Ichinas natives are prideful of their scientific advances and their high quality of architecture. In addition to this, their city is constantly kept at a perfect temperature and humidity, an atmospheric dome being projected over the city. In addition to your good ol' air conditioning, the barrier also keeps all of the surrounding desert's sand out of the city. The Rantori in Ichinas also partake in the planetary sport of Dune Running, their Jolters often the highest quality. However, the area surrounding Ichinas is relatively flat and devoid of danger, making their management of obstacles in foreign courses more... Difficult.
    A Gem of both culture and science, Ichin takes in more than a quarter of all aliens allowed to live on the planet.

    -Ichin Family private springs, overlooking Ichinas, with Kamdakkor in the backround. A Human visiting Kamdor looks on.-


    The Kalus Family are known for their unique city-building in a region of Kamdor ridden with massive sinkholes and cave systems, as well as their wonderful music. Like most of the other families, the Kalus Family provides for their citizens as best they can, building multiple vertical cities into the craters, sinkholes, and caves of the Kalus Region. This tactic is used due to the region's habit of producing massive, unnatural sandstorms charged with lightening. Safe in these cities, most of the Rantori live in the same living conditions as each other, living lives full of entertainment. Living in cities like this, where sunlight rarely reached the middle layers, the Rantori there needed entertainment more than anyone. As such, many Kalus natives spend much of their free time making art of various sorts, from painting to cooking, with quite a few learning to play instruments both Rantori-made, as well as a few invented by Civspace races.
    While Kalusi cities are largely underground, having no 'outskirts', that did not stop their traders and racers from living their lives. Kalus-native traders often have to brave the incredibly-dangerous sandstorms to get to other regions and cities, their vehicles to move fast enough to outrun the massive stormlines. Of course, this drove many Rantori living in the region to pick up Dune Running, though they had few obstacles above the surface to run through besides the storms. Beneath the sands, however, was a massive system of caves, caverns, and sinkholes. Interconnected, the caverns were incredibly large, and were surprisingly host to quite a few fitting paths for racers to use. Of course, this meant that they had to navigate the often-small gaps with their Jolters.
    Even underground, life in the cities is of high quality.
    -Kalusas from within-


    The Keei Family, built amongst the towering spires of the north, are one of the more reclusive Families, not even willing to trade with other regions. While this is true, this does not stop the Keei from focusing on keeping their populace strong and happy. Unlike anywhere else on Kamdor, intense physical training is included in their Primary School, including a form of travel that a Human would call 'Freerunning'. With their cities built terraced into the massive rocky spires, if one wanted to move from A to B quickly, they had to do some running, jumping, and climbing. As such, Rantori from Keei are often prized for their ability to get into places they are not exactly welcome, their ability to climb often far superior to other members of their race.
    Life in Keeias and the other cities close to it is not nearly as peaceful as a few other regions, the spires home to massive predatory 'birds' that the Rantori often have to fend off. The Spires were originally their roost, but the Rantori controlled it now. Connecting the spires are massive bridges, the buildings of a spire built both around and into the stone.
    Of course, with how their cities are built, there are few Dune-Runners present, the only track being made of several abandoned sky bridges that the Jolter would have to jump from one to the other.
    -Keeias, a city of spires and heights.-


    The Keru, the only surviving clan from Kamarai, are Kamdor's most powerful family, their city built in a place like where their species had its start. Building where sand met grass, between dunes and jungle, the Keru built Keruas. Using all of their resources, the Keru family poured their riches not into a palace or their coffers. Instead they built their city high. Keruas is the shining jewel of Kamdor, and is the seat of the Rantori Collective, where all of the world's families meet to deliberate on the race's biggest issues. Naturally, with a city as large as Keruas, the rich are rich, and the poor are poor. Before Kamdor, and before the fire and ash, the Keru were the first victims of their nuclear war, surprise-attacked by the Haskara. In revenge, they sent their own bombs, the world consumed by fire. The Keru family members knew their world was doomed, and hid themselves away deep underground, preserving themselves in cryosleep. Awakened from their slumber by the Ark ships, the old world's leaders were ferried to Kamdor.
    While they are the strongest of the Kamdorian Families, the Keru do not claim dominion over the others... Though they /are/ the ones who build most of the navy's ships.
    Naturally, the Keru, as powerful as they are, have more than one city, though their other cities are dwarfed by their capital. One such city is Kerukas, a part of Keruas that used to be its outskirts, instead grown into its own as a separate city.

    -Kerukas, built closer to the sands than Keruas.-

    -Keruas, the Rantori Collective's largest city.-


    The Unbarai Family, founded by one of the survivors of the Long Dark, is one of the weaker Families, its cities poorly-managed and its people not generally well-kept. The Unbarai nearly mirror the old families of old Kamarai, being quite greedy, and not quite caring about how they get their money or resources. Over their years on Kamdor, the Unbarai have nearly been dissolved by the other Families due to their obvious corruption, but have remained due to the sheer amount of resources the Family produces for the Rantori Collective Interstellar Navy. This, along with a few bribes to oil the gears, has allowed the Unbarai to continue their lives of greed, their cities built with cheaper materials to save their resources for their overly-extravagant palaces. The Family members live as kings and queens, those rich enough to live in the upper levels of their cities alongside them. Of course, that leaves everyone else below them in the dirt and sand. While most Rantori got by comfortably-enough, there were understandably a few that fell through the cracks, seeing as the Unbarai had no safety net for them.
    These urchins, as well as those who lived on the outskirts of the cities, lived in general poverty, only kept alive by their meager paychecks from working in the factories, power plants, as well as the region's many, many mines. Those who were not lucky enough to land a job were forced to crime in order to survive. As such, Unbarais and its outskirts are one of the bigger hubs for the Kamdorian Black Market. Of course, the local security would easily stomp these criminals down... Were it not for the fact that the Family's guards and police never left the upper levels of the city, leaving brutal enforcers to make sure the workers were doing their parts instead.

    Naturally, this region is a shithole. There are many 'Outpost' villages hidden in the valleys and oases of the Unbarai region, desperate to get away from the big cities. Of course, they could just move to another region... If they could pay off someone important enough to sign their papers. Whether or not the Family likes it, many of their young adults are offered pilgrimage by the Collective, and the Family must allow them such... But to be eligible for such, a Rantori must complete their primary schooling, a feat rarely reached by anyone outside of the higher levels of the cities.
    -The lower levels of Unbarais, where having a job, legal or not, kept you alive.-


    The Maeor are one of the few Families that chose to build in the jungles around Kamdor's equatorial belt. As such, the Rantori often have to wear light clothing. However, the animals and fish around their cities and villages cut down on the amount of livestock the Rantori had to keep. The variety of the jungle proved to be the region's largest export, selling harvested meat to chefs around the world. Naturally, Maeor chefs are world-renowned, and often move away from Maeroras and its smaller sectors to become house-chefs in the palaces of other Collective Families.
    With many of its citizens working as hunters in the jungles, Maeor citizens make for excellent Skirmishers. Of course, this also meant they were usually the best-equipped to explore the jungles and its many, many secrets... Often bringing their treasures home to decorate the city. Built above the jungles and connected by massive sky bridges, Maeor's cities are all technically one, under the name of Maeoras, separated into sectors. While most Rantori prefer life in the sands, the Rantori of Maeor are raised among flowers and trees. Place is pretty, and draws a lot of alien tourism.
    -Maeoras in the distance.-

    General things you should know (Open to expansion/suggestion)


    -Rantori is both singular and plural (Ie, multiple Rantori are not Rantories). Rantorian is their adjective. (I'm a Rantori, he's a Rantori, we are Rantori. Our music is Rantorian.)

    -The Rantori's primary language is called 'Rantas'. Other Civspace languages are available to be learned on Kamdor. Galactic Common is taught in all schools.

    -The planet you live on is called Kamdor. It orbits a larger planet named Kamdakkor. These planets are in the 'Kas' system, called ?-Aquarii in human starmaps. The other two moons of Kamdakkor are uninhabitable rocks named Kamdi and Kammar.

    -Rantori are quick-footed and have incredibly fast reflexes. This means you'll be able to dodge attacks more easily, but remember the next point.

    -Rantori are physically weaker than a human (besides their kicks), and your characters are generally going to be young. Try to run away from most fights.

    -Rantori are carnivorous.

    Rantori are incredibly curious creatures. That, and most have a weakness for wealth. As such, they enjoy gambling.

    -Rantori coilguns are vulnerable to EMP, and are only slightly superior to their conventional counterparts, owing to their small size to be handled by a Rantori.

    -Rantori sleep on a staggered schedule. 3 hour sleeps, 3 times in a 24 hour period. Without stims, this might turn into a problem for some.

    Defects caused by their time in the Long Dark are looked down upon, seen as recessive. Such defects include shorter ears and coarser fur.

    -Yeah. You've got fur. Keep it clean. Yeah, you've got ears. Use em' in rp. Yeah, you've got a muzzle. Deal with it, rp such. Bushy fucking tail. DEAL WITH IT. Your feets are paws, capping off digitigrade (Look at a dog's hindlegs) legs. DEAL WITH IT. And denote such in rp sometimes for flavor text. You're not playing a human-like race.

    -Rantori have bestial senses, far superior to a Human's. Great sense of smell, and a naturally-understandable hearing ability thanks to their large ears. Average sight.

    -Rantori are mammals. Dur. Females have chesticles. Sure. But I'll make this clear here. This race is not built for ERP. If you're going to do it (I can't fucking stop you) just keep it quiet and out of the fucking way. If I catch you oversexualizing your character, there will be consequences detailed in the application format below.

    -No, none of you were alive during the Long Dark nuclear bad-times. They were bad times.

    -Make up most of the language, follow the theme I set in the language section above. You can have any name you want, just make it sound like you're not Human. No, your foxy ain't named Dave.

    -Rantori music and cuisine is great. In addition, many Rantori have harbored a love of Human music, some even able to play human instruments.

    -You're all allergic to grapes. Fuck you. You're all allergic to tobacco. Fuck you. Secondhand smoke won't kill you, but it will irritate.

    -Rantori have smaller stomachs than humans.

    -Gotta go fast

    Slow things are bad things.

    -Rantori clothes differ depending on the region. Some wear light, airy robes, some will wear things akin to what a human might wear. It varies. Have fun in sbse. Yes, there's a hole in your pants to fit your tail through. Deal with it.

    -Rantori currency is named Minas, and is universally printed as coins of various make. Minas is plural, Mina is a single coin. While the coins are used all over Kamdor, Rantori also widely practice bartering, trading one good directly for another. As such, many Rantori carry raw and processed gems and valuables for payment as well.

    Application Format
    PM this to me, and I'll add you to the roster. The application process is just for me to understand your characters, as well as gauge how well your writing is. While it's no problem if you're not hugely-inclined to creative writing, I'd prefer to keep our race neat n' clean. This also allows you to easily look up information on your character for later. The application format below is a modified version found in the Character Information section of the forums.
    -General Information-

    First name:
    Middle name(s):
    Date of birth (It's currently 3286 right now, I believe.):
    Current residence:
    Relationship status:
    Social status:

    -Traits of Voice-
    Accent (if any):
    Language spoken:
    Other languages known:
    Style of speaking:
    Volume of voice:

    -Physical Appearance-
    Eye colour:
    Shape of face:
    Distinguishing features:
    Build of body:
    Fur colour:
    'Hair' style (You gots fur.):
    Typical clothing:
    Is seen by others as:

    Education: (Rantori Collective Primary Schooling. Unless you bribed your way off of the planet with this wave of Pilgrims)
    Personal goals:
    General attitude:
    Religious values:
    General intelligence:
    General sociability:

    Illnesses (if any):
    Allergies (if any): Grapes, Tobacco. (Any more?)
    Sleeping habits:
    Energy level:
    Eating habits:
    Any unhealthy habits:

    Home Region:
    Bio: (Put your character's backstory here. You can add to it whenever you wish. It can be as long as you want, or as short as you want... But please, make interesting characters with a backstory that forms their motives. Aka make a good character you nerd.)

    Any enemies (and why):
    Best friend(s):
    Important friends/relatives (explain):
    Love interest (if there is one):

    Peaceful or violent:
    Weapon (if applicable):
    Style of fighting:

    Favourite types of food:
    Favourite types of drink:
    Hobbies/past times:
    Guilty pleasures:
    Pet peeves:
    Favourite colours:
    Favourite type of music:

    Are you experienced with Hatter-modding and SBSE?:
    (Would you be willing to help those who aren't?):
    Do you vow to keep your dirty ERP away from public eyes? If I catch you, I reserve the right to kill off your character. Signing this is your consent. No, regular ol' acts of lovey dovey bullshit and affection won't incur my wrath. No, killing off your character will not be the first solution:

    -Rantori Roster-


    @Adler - Kavari'Keei, Kai Tajha'Anbas
    @PrivateNomad - Sinji Ekta'Unbarai
    @Leaf - Rhia Volih'Ichin
    @Raptor - Rakkus Kazrik'Unbarai
    @Sergeant Screech - Korba Valis'Maeor
    @Shiny Protoman - Rasha Norei'Djinas
    @SpikeTheF0x - Ruoka Kenko'Keei

    On another note, don't forget that you need a resizing mod such as Apple's or Aurora's, so that you may resize yourself to a rather specific interval. Aurora's from Baconz is actually a better option, considering you can resize to a more specific level with it. It's basically pretty damned lucky that the resizing corruption actually comes up with an acceptable face if you tinker with the original hatter item a bit. IE, made the regular-sized mouth two pixels tall, so the resized version comes out like the one on the right.

    [​IMG] ----> [​IMG]

    You're a short little fox nerd. Rp it.

    Alright, that's enough writing for 6 hours. I will give you whatever resources you need to make your character, including the template file for the Rantori's head. Just ask for it in your application PM.

    Feel free to ask your questions in this thread, whether you want to play as a Rantori or not. General chatter, whatever. Everything's good. I'm done typing for today.
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