Psionics Update 1

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    Some changes and clarifications have been made to the psionics lore.
    • Rewrote Metacreation section on faux matter entirely to make it significantly more understandable. Creating real phase matter is no longer a thing, but faux matter can be phased for the same effect.
      • Metacreators can now go through involuntary will manifestation.
    • Added large section to Flux explaining how psions actually generate flux, how its used in abilities, and how they will keep flux around them.
      • Also added negative symptoms psions will experience when they attempt to use abilities when they do not have enough flux.
      • Added some other names that flux might be called
      • Added that there are abilities that change how flux works and acts
    • Specified that you cannot have aptitude in the Aberrant subject.
    • Added a new field to the psion application where basic abilities such as telekinesis can be listed without the need for ability apps. The full list can be found here.
    • Clarified some things about ability apps - they should preferably be made before your character has actually developed the ability, so that you can roleplay it out. Also clarified that ability apps require two graders.
    Give the changes a read!
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