Psionics by Elijah Ulmer

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    Psionic Touch
    The start of a psionic is beyond my understanding, how psionic users are either born with such abilities or given by certain Gods or deities. A blessing or possibly a curse, these abilities are valued. From my point of view, the start of my abilities were gained upon reaching the peak of my Depression. Losing both my parents and having to fight for myself by the end of the catastrophe, sent me into a furious rage and solitude. When I awaken, everything around me had some sort of feeling to them. I had no clue what was going on, I was poor, alone and had no idea where I was. I was starved, yet through all the hardships in my life I went beyond what I expected out of myself, continued to practice my abilities to move items around. Tools that people have explained something similar to this is Matter Manipulation, something I’ve never invested in nor have I ever looked into before. I no pixels to even purchase, nor the ability to create such item.

    For those who have the same abilities as myself or even different ones, continue to practice, meditate and focus. You will only grow stronger, alongside of good and against evil. Do remember this, anyone could be holding these abilities so choose wisely who you are walking the path with. They could bare the poisonous fruit.