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    Proxy Use Guidelines
    . . The majority of issues seen with Proxies come from lack of clarity, rather than any inherent flaws with the rules. As such, treat this as a guideline, not a ruleset- If you have solid reason to defy what is said here, and believe it would work well, feel free to. Also a lot of this doesn’t apply to Visitant.
    . . The core tenants of what I believe good Proxy use equate to the following:

    Tenants of Proxy Use
    • A proxy must be established when it enters the scene, rather than at the first sign of conflict. Do this by DMing a third party or making a note of it somewhere IC.
    • Most proxies lack the senses of smell, taste, and touch. They do not flinch at pain, and they do not have proper reactions to such stimulus.
      • Fine manipulation with a proxy, especially when out of view, is very hard.
      • Some proxies do have these senses, and allow pilots to feel, smell, and taste everything they do. If this is done, the user experiences all of its pain, and has a seizure when it dies.
        • Such a pilot is blind to the world around them, only sensing the proxy’s viewpoint.
    • Proxies are reliant on Nexus connection, and can not use Quantum connections. If the connection is poor, the proxy will ‘lag’ evidently.
    • Proxies are capable of being EMPed. Doing such will disconnect the pilot. It takes an extra turn or two for a pilot to reconnect after the effects of the EMP fade.
    • It is in good faith to use an on screen service to supply your proxy, if you don't make it yourself.
    . . There are different tenants specifically used for Proxies in combat, which are the following:

    Tenants of Proxy Combat
    • Proxy reactions are based on nexus connection speed.- Making them more likely to miss or be overpowered due to lag.
    • Proxies have a harder time recognizing what is wrong with them, if they have no sensations of touch or pain.
    • Proxies also don't have consent.
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