Predatory Rocks

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    An example of a Predatory Rock. You can tell it's a Predatory Rock because a kind traveler has marked it so.

    Predatory Rock

    Description: The predatory rock is not actually a rock, because rocks are not alive. Rather, its name is a misnomer, as it is actually a species of oversized spider that takes extra steps in its evolutionary history to be capable of burrowing into stone and utilizing the typical hydraulic system spiders have in order to leap great distances even while carrying significant weight.

    Behavior: The Predatory Rock is highly dangerous and utilizes the often underutilized weapon of blunt-force trauma in order to subdue its prey. It accomplishes this by detecting vibrations in the ground near to it using its legs. Once something is detected that is not too large to subdue, it will use its legs to launch itself haphazardly at its target with the intent of bashing them on the head.

    Tamability: Untamable. Predatory Rocks are both extremely aggressive and extremely annoying, with hikers frequently coming back from walks on planets that are habitats to them with mild to moderate concussions and other injuries. Rarely will a Predatory Rock actually kill anything sapient, however that is not to say that being attacked by one will not hurt.

    Where is it found?: Predatory Rocks are typically found concealed inside of rocks that are scattered around forests. They much prefer dense forests in areas with high humidity, as it tends to lend itself to there being plenty of bodies of water nearby.

    Rarity: Common on planets they inhabit.

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: Carnivorous. Bashing things with rocks and eating them while incapacitated.

    Products?: Pain.

    Reproduction: Sexual.

    Size: Roughly the size of a Goliath Bird Eater, though with longer legs suited to jumping with a "spring" action.

    Weight: About 1.5 lbs, much of that weight being in the legs, which are quite strong and suited to carrying rocks weighing up to 3 lbs while still being able to jump. The heavier their total weight, the lower their max height during a jump.

    Lifespan: Predatory Rocks have a lifespan of around 20 years, most of which will be spent using the same rock as their "shell."

    Abilities: Jumping and hurting things. Burrowing into stone.

    Flaws: Extremely dumb, with terrible risk assessment. Prone to attacking things they cannot incapacitate, lending to them frequently being killed by enraged hikers after attempting to bash them.
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    Passed! I'm going to dump a truckload of these onto someone's gravel driveway.
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