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    //The following website can be found on the Nexus while looking into mercenary companies. All information here, except for player names, is publicly viewable.
    //Panopticon Solutions LLC
    //We’ll keep watch

    //Mission Statement
    . . Panopticon Solutions is one of the leaders in Fringe private-security companies. We have a skilled variety of contractors and operators ready to suit your needs. Whether its people, places, or things, we’ll keep watch.

    . . Established by a Xinod named Xekitel, Panopticon Solutions LLC is a private military company settled on the Aecury system in the middle Fringe. Since Xekitel’s death a few years prior, it has been controlled by its board of directors. It has been noted that they have access to top-of-the-line genetic augments, as evident by their leaders being highly transhumanist.

    //Member List

    Director of Security and Military Operations
    Daniel Hush - Dust and Echoes

    Director of Asset Insurance, Finance, and Legal Affairs
    Alexander Cooper - zecon125

    Director of Production and Quality
    Akiko “Akumu” Yamamoto - Endiie

    Director of Research and Development
    Marie-Louise Sangtresse - zirconzz

    Director of Public Relations and Social Resources
    Yvette Auvray - Cheffy

    Grigoriy Nikitovich - Cheffy
    Yew Rhododendron - Trireef
    Private Grongk - Skid
    Lyosha Vasilyev - Slither
    Jiyu - Roren
    Anya Ivanova - Quazwerty456
    Loura Holliday - ZachChase
    Demetrius Galvan - Mir
    Dionysus - Akumu
    Zyxos - zirconzz
    Zima 16–45–32 - iamnotanumber2000

    Senior Contractors
    Anisim Volkov - zecon125

    Tresvyrch - zecon125
    Sidi Lorenz - Dust and Echoes
    Atasis Rabilon - Cheffy

    ((13 players))
    //Assets List
    . . Panopticon has hold over the Aecury system in the upper Fringe, which is a comparative shit-hole when compared to places like Olympus or Haven, but holds room for growth in the form of automation. In addition they have fifty two combat NPCs in the form of their contractors, and six battle-ready ships.

    //Contact Information
    . . If you wish to join Panopticon Solutions LLC, contact Alexander Cooper at Cooper.Official@PanOps.nex(zecon125 on Discord).
    . . If you require or have interest in Panopticon Solutions LLC’s services, contact Yvette Auvray at Auvray.Official@PanOps.nex(Cheffy on Discord).

    . . Pricing is variable, depending on the scope of the job and the buyer’s budget. Don’t be afraid to call!