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    Name: Noulith, "Magnet Rifles."

    Description: Nouliths are, upon first inspection, just an average laser rifle. However, it should be noted that upon the armaments there is no handle or trigger. Upon activation of its tethered ZPEM device, whether it be a gauntlet, console or other piece of ZPEM machinery, the nouliths will become suspended in the air directly above their ZPEM source.

    Nouliths can be interfaced with a downloaded Nexus App on most PDA operating systems or through an internal Nexus implant to facilitate a noulith's activity, such as aiming and firing with a digital reticle and downloading multiple poorly-made addons. A noulith can be aimed with a small camera sticking up from the top of the barrel that looks similar to the weapon's sights and can be turned around and moved by dragging on several touchscreen buttons. At the middle of the console there is a big red button that can be pressed to fire. A noulith is diverse enough to be modded like most other laser weaponry.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional): There are speaker holes on the side for playing music and are many jacks for devices such as heat signature detectors or other esoterics. The nouliths use a source of bluetooth with its controlling nexus device so that it doesn't go offline randomly if the internet hiccups for a second.

    Limitations: Their current only incarnation can fire one round per four seconds before it overheats and is possibly damaged permanently-- the best kind of gun a noulith can be is a laser musket. Personal ZPEM modules can only levitate roughly 2 nouliths at a time. An individual noulith runs on batteries and only has about 2 hours of battery life before it is unable to fire and must be recharged. Nouliths can only stay afloat for as long as the ZPEM's power is online and if it goes offline the noulith will become a hunk of junk.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional): Nouliths make poor replacements for security guards as they cannot be separated more than 15 feet (roughly 5 meters) or they will lose their connection to their ZPEM power source and will fall onto the ground, requiring a couple of extra turns in order to reconnect. They are programmed to only be able to move at up to 10 miles per hour. The nexus application used to control a noulith while it is in the air is very unoptimized and some of the more uses that the application states it has either aren't there, don't work at all, or work so poorly they may as well not be used at all.

    How does it work: The noulith is a basic laser musket rifle suspended in the air by a ZPEM module of any sort (the noulith, if ordered, doesn't come with the ZPEM module) that it can be synced up with, and controlled with a cookie cutter children's robotics project application to both fire, move, and aim. Think like one of those RC cars that you can connect to bluetooth. Instead of firing with a mechanical trigger, it has an internal trigger that is pulled when the button on the nexus app is pressed that causes it to fire on command with a signal rather than being pulled by the finger.

    Flavor text: Nouliths are, at the moment, a schematic that has been designed by Renaize Councilor Gossareime Rhueberint and a deal would currently be made to put the items into manufacturing. The app would already be released for public use albeit one can't do anything with it without a noulith.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): Magnetic Orbs

    Attainability: [Semi-Closed]

    Tags: [Military]

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