Nothing Fields

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    Nothing Fields is a plain located on a rocky planet, which is also called Nothing fields.

    Nothing fields’s system name is CXSF-472947298.

    CXSF-472947298 (G class star)

    Rocky Planet I
    -Moon Ia
    -Moon Ib
    Rocky Planet II
    Nothing Fields
    Asteroid belt
    Gas giant I
    Gas giant II




    The teleporter is old and barely functional. It’s powered by a large battery and a distant solar panel array, which no living person knows the location of.

    The Cool Cave


    The cool cave is cold and slightly damp. There are puddles of water inside. The ground is a little muddy, so visitors are advised to bring a folding chair or sit on one of the logs. The local area is home to at least 12 different species of native worms.

    The East Part


    The east part is warmer than the cool cave. The grass is long in some places. The native cacti are sweet and slightly psychedelic when eaten raw, and take on a salty flavour when grilled over an open fire.

    5 miles west lies a mildly interesting stone.


    While there is little recorded history regarding the Nothing Fields as it has never been settled by sapient life, geologists have historically agreed that it is, in fact, a field that houses absolutely nothing. The planet was discovered with an ultra-powerful telescope by the Apex Ministry of Knowledge in 3280, particularly by the astronomer Gilmokritz Nil, who then funded a colonization effort in 3283. However, once it was found that the planet had no nearby hyperlanes, efforts were dropped entirely. Drones sent in 3284 observed that there was a rusted teleporter placed upon the surface of the planet, but by whom astronomical historians could not tell.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.