// New Indie-Rock Band 'band1' Releases First Album //

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    // An article is posted to a small site dedicated to up and coming independent bands. //

    'band1' Drops Debut Album
    3286 has proven to be an eventful year for the Indie scene, with new albums and bands cropping up left and right. Adding to the list of potential candidates for our "Best of 86'" list is a brand new group known simply as band1, starting strong with their first album "Mighty Music". This album is jam packed with real headbangers, some of our favorites including;
    • "Inactive Robot"
    • "Decoy Princess"
    • "Peanut Butter Trap"
    • "Tentacomet"
    • "Sector X"
    • "Racial Weapons"
    • "A Coherent Plot"
    We were somehow able to secure an interview with band1's lead singer, Amethyst "Amy" Verticus, to learn more about why they went with the name they did. "It was a simple but somehow nostalgic name," the very eccentrically dressed Amy proudly proclaimed. "I can't explain why, but it made me think of a much simpler time, y'know? That's not to say simple is better, but sometimes looking back at where we came from can help us move forward."
    And there you have it. I look forward to seeing more of band1 in the future, and here's hoping to a just as eventful 3287!

    // At the end of the article are a bunch of ads. //​
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    //User VMIL replies to the article

    Good job sis.
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