//Nemo's Adventure Log, Chapter 9//

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    Chapter 9 - Anthropomorphic Projection

    9/30/82 9:43 am

    "I've read about situations where people project personalities onto inanimate objects due to extreme isolation. I can only assume what's going on with with me and the Puppets. I'm just getting paranoid, Zeus and Jupiter can't be plotting against me. All they know how to do is take orders. That's how I made them."

    9/30/82 3:58 pm

    "Still nothing. This situations is almost too cliche. There's no signal, and I've been separated from Amy and Rosa through rather convenient means. I'm getting rather tired of it, there are only so many places they could be."

    9/30/82 7:34 pm

    "The three of us climbed a large hill, and discovered something rather odd at the top. The hill itself is strange; it's more of a mound of dirt if anything. Foliage is only just now starting to grow, and at some parts it seems like the soil has been displaced. The nutrient composition is different than at ground level as well. But anyways, at the top of the hill was a spectacular view of the horizon, blocked only by a gigantic tree. I've read about large trees on Earth, and even larger trees on the Floran homeworld that were used as homes, but this outclasses both of those. It towered miles above the leafy canopy, parting the clouds with its massive branches. I thought it was a mirage at first, but after blinking a few times I confirmed that it was indeed real. I'll have to look into this more tomorrow, the sun is setting and it's about to get cold."