//Nemo's Adventure Log, Chapter 8//

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    //Chapter 8 is posted.//

    Chapter 8

    9/29/82 7:47 am

    "I'm so lonely. I named the Puppet droids today... The one with the shorter hair is Zeus and the one with the broken right optic is Jupiter. My isolation has led me to develop a strange appreciation for these two mindless appliances."

    9/29/82 3:23 pm

    "Still no luck in finding the ship and my sisters. I am too weak to continue further for today. My feet ache and I desperately need food and water. Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful."

    9/29/82 7:45 pm

    "I regret not giving these Puppet drones the ability to talk. I never thought that I'd get stranded with a couple, but, I really wish they could speak. Maybe I'd feel less alone..."

    9/30/82 6:20 am

    "In my previous entry, I said I wish that the Puppets could talk. I swore I never gave them that ability. However, last night, as I was preparing to sleep on the cold jungle floor, I heard whispering from the direction that I left the two Puppets. I lay there for several minutes, fearing that it may have been some of the indigenous tribes of this planet. I decided after about 5 or so minutes of idleness that I should stealthily check to make sure I was safe. I crawled as quietly as I possibly could to the bushes near where the whispering originated. I expected to see maybe a Floran, or a new species of life we haven't yet met, however what I saw was quite shocking. The two Puppets, Zeus and Jupiter, were kneeling on the ground and carving images into the dirt with their fingers. It was too dark for me to see what they were drawing, however they worked with much haste. They were whispering back and forth to each other, in an odd dialect I had never heard before. Their whispers seemed menacing, and as I lay there I tried to recall their blueprints. I was almost certain that I never gave them the ability to speak. But, if that was the case, how were they talking now? Their whispering increased in intensity, they must have been talking about something serious. Despite me being their maker, I was quite frightened by them at the moment. I slowly slunk back into the shadows and lay down, worrying about what they might do if they knew I heard them speaking. I cannot even trust Zeus and Jupiter, it seems."