//Nemo's Adventure Log, Chapter 7//

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    //Chapter 7 is posted//

    Chapter 7 - Alone in the Dark

    9/25/82 5:47 am

    "I awoke this morning to the sound of a strange animal calling out, I can only assume it is some sort of bird. As is the case with people when they are lost and alone, they wake up expecting to see something familiar around them, as if their previous troubles were just a dream. If only..."

    9/25/82 7:34 am

    "While cleaning up our camp, I found something odd in my pocket. It was the black oblong from before. How it had gotten into my pocket is beyond me, I am fairly sure I left it in the laboratory. I'll leave it at the campsite, I want nothing to do with this terrible object."

    9/25/82 9:00 am

    "The sunrise on this planet is quite beautiful. While studying it from a high vantage point, I noticed several shadows moving across the horizon. Perhaps I saw the indigenous people who uprooted the tree? Or, perhaps, I have seen something more vile..."

    9/27/82 3:45 am

    "I thought I was ready for isolation... I'm already lonely during my normal life, I assumed that I would be prepared to be alone for an extended period of time. But these strange surroundings glare down at me and make me feel very uncomfortable. It has been several days, my desire for companionship is welling up inside of me slowly, like a rock at the bottom of my stomach. The closest things I have to friends at the moment are the two Puppet droids I brought with me on my misadventure. However, they cannot speak and they have no emotions, so I might as well talk to a rock."

    9/28/82 4:23 am

    "I awoke this morning to a sound I had forgotten about. I awoke to the sound of clanging in the vents of my ship. Despite me being nowhere near the ship, I heard it. It didn't come from one source, it seemed to be everywhere around me. The maddening percussive beat bore straight through me and wrenched out my very being as I lay there, holding my pounding head with both arms. I tried to cover my ears but that seemed to have no effect. This continued for several minutes, before eventually it died down. I lay there silently for several minutes, catching my breath, before grabbing my notebook and writing this entry. If I go totally insane I wish to at least have a record of my decent."