//Nemo's Adventure Log, Chapter 5//

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    //Chapter 5//



    "It is the first night of our stay on this foreign planet. We have yet to encounter any signs of intelligent life, or any life besides plants for that matter. This jungle is very lush, however I have yet to identify the species the primary trees belong to. After cutting down a juvenile tree, I found that even this infant bears many rings around its' trunk. Without any proper research equipment I cannot check how many rings the adult trees have, but based on their width and approximate height they must have roughly ten times as many rings as the juvenile saplings. These trees are ancient..."

    9/23/82  11:30 pm

    "I awoke in the midst of this night cycle in a sweat, due to a dream of the most peculiar nature. I was standing in a cavern, notebook and pen in hand, when I felt an ominous presence nearby. This sensation was not one of the natural senses, it was something of a sixth sense. I could not perceive it, yet I was aware of it's awful presence. I wandered around the cave, running my hand along the moss-coated walls, when I stumbled across what I can only assume were runes of a sort. I tried my best to inspect them, however when I viewed them my head began to pulse, and I was forced by some unknown pressure to avert my gaze. This repeated several times, before I decided to make use of the notebook I brought with me. Upon opening the ledger I found that every page had been scribbled over by some material similar to rubbing coal, perhaps. This was weird indeed, however knowing the nature of dreams I passed it off as my subconscious not being entirely aware of the contents of my notebook, so therefore it was forced to improvise. I wandered further into the cave, looking at the subterranean rock formations, all of which were covered in a soft green moss. A very interesting material, if only it existed outside of my personal dream world. It is very soft and cool to the touch. Running my hands along them influences thoughts of dew coated spring meadows of a much happier and simpler era. However, like all things, this moss began to fade and become more scarce as I ventured further into the cave. The walls lost their previous soft green hue and took on  the color of the shadows. It was then I realized I had lost whatever light I had before, however, I never noted seeing a light source in the previous caverns. The light seemed to come from above, however there was a complete rocky roof with no holes for sunlight to puncture. This was odd, however there was a more pressing matter on hand: I was lost. The inky shadows danced around me, swallowing up everything that left my direct field of vision. My lower half had fell victim to the shadows, and I had a hard time convincing myself my legs were still there. The maddening performance of the shadows was weighing down on whatever soul I have left, however I felt as if I could not turn back to the lush green expanses of the earlier caverns. My head pounded, my feet ached, but I marched on into the void, wondering what compelled me to continue at this point. All of a sudden, a large archway came into my field of vision. It was covered in runes, similar to the characters I had seen earlier in the cave. They held the same effect, forcing my gaze away with an outside force, making me stare deep into the center of the archway. I stepped through it, hoping to escape this demonic alphabet, when I stepped right into ITS' layer. It stood before me, the dread-beast's head scraping the rune-coated cavern roof. Several beady eyes watched but did not watch at the same time, seemingly staring off into the void that I had stepped out of prior to encountering this spawn of Beelzebub. What seemed like a rib-cage poked through its' thin, pale flesh. Great bat wings sprawled out across the width of the cave, all of this supported by six gargantuan feet, each detailed by a set of crooked needles which seemed to serve as toes. A large tail stuck out from the main body and wove through the room and vanished deep into the darkness behind the beast, as if it was guarding something. The deafening silence this being emitted proved too much for my merely mortal soul and I collapsed, covering my ears with my hands. I felt a writhing dread deep within me, and I feared the sins of my past had finally caught up with me and were attempting to tear their way out of my material being. States of panic like this will usually drive sensible men into believing in supernatural things such as 'souls', however I was convinced at the moment that I was slowly losing mine...

    I woke up with a startled scream and found myself in a panicked sweat, as the judgmental eyes of my two sisters bore down on me from across the campsite. I quickly apologized for waking them and slayed back down on my bag, utterly defeated and exhausted. I did not sleep for the rest of that night, instead, I watched the stars slowly dance across the atmosphere..."