//Nemo's Adventure Log, Chapter 4//

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    Chapter 4 - It's Not Easy Being Green


    "Not much of note happened during the past few days. The scratching continues. I have been doing tests to see if it could still possibly be something infrasound related, but all of my tests have proven negative. This puts me back where I started..."


    "My sisters think I'm crazy. I know, however, that I hear something in the vents. It gets louder by the day, and it is slowly wearing away on my nerves. I will find the source and eradicate it."


    "As of today, I have more important matters to attend to than the noise in the vents. We ran out of fuel, somehow, despite me storing enough to last us the whole trip. Perhaps there's a leak somewhere. We are stranded on an uncharted jungle planet. It has a breathable atmosphere, and fresh water, luckily enough. The trees are the tallest I have seen. From the ground, I cannot see the tops. My scanners pick up life signs, but I have yet to see anything. We will explore this new terrain later. At least the scratching noise stayed inside the ship."