Naru Sera'Maeor

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    Naru Sera'Maeor
    The Unbound


    General Information

    First name: Naru
    Surname: Sera'Maeor
    Age: 22
    Date of birth: 2/19/3267
    Race: Rantori
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Current residence: Keidus
    Relationship status: Taken
    Social status: Rather known in Renaize, where most of his friends are. Aside from that, he doesn't know a lot of people.
    Financial standing: Has an average amount of money, saved up from the paychecks he's gotten from his job.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): None
    Language spoken: Common
    Other languages known: Rantas
    Style of speaking: Normal with a few Rantori-ish sounds here and there
    Volume of voice: Identifiable as that of a male, but not deep at the same time

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'11 (6'4 if you count his ears)
    Weight: 153lbs
    Eye color: Bright Crimson Red
    Fur color: Pure White (with crimson details)
    Shape of face: Fennec fox
    Distinguishing features: Red details on his head, legs and tail. Also, rather big ears for a Rantori. Quite muscular, too. On his head are a pair of majestic horns with antler-like protrusions here and there. Moreover, two fangs pop out of his mouth a little. Both of these last two features are part of his Vampyric mutations.
    Build of body: Muscular and nimble, with very strong arms and legs (for his race)
    Hair style: Short mane of sorts
    Complexion: Fennec fox
    Posture: Straight
    Tattoos: none
    Piercings: His father's ornate earring, on his left ear
    Typical clothing: Light
    Is seen by others as: Caring, logical, calm, protective with people he cares about.


    Likes: Eating good food, working out, training, melee weaponry
    Dislikes: Not being able to train, being injured, dealing with assholes, not having anything to do, feeling useless or like a burden
    Education: Maeor University - Xenobiology
    Fears: Ending up alone, losing a loved one, leaving his friends behind
    Personal goals: Mastering his psionics, 'saving' his brother, getting a place to settle down with Dox
    General attitude: Calm, rational
    Religious values: Believes in concepts similar to Qi and Karma. His actual religion is less a religion and more a set of teachings about forgiveness and self-improvement. It is said such values are the key to eventually unlocking one's 'inner power'.
    General intelligence: Surprisingly smart, quick learner.
    General sociability: Naru has a much harder time trusting people due to certain events. He won't go out of his way to meet new people unless he's got a reason to.


    Illnesses (if any): FEV Virus
    Allergies (if any): None
    Sleeping habits: He doesn't seem to mind sleeping wherever he feels convenient. Unless the place is known for being dangerous, of course. Also, his sleep schedule is that of a Rantori, which means it's gonna come into conflict with other sleeping schedules, a lot of times.
    Energy level: Generally active. Loves exercise.
    Eating habits: Doesn't eat a lot but still enjoys most of his meals, especially if they're prepared for him. He tends to prefer healthier meals.
    Memory: In good condition, though he usually forgets things he's not interested in or just doesn't like.
    Any unhealthy habits: He has no qualms with eating raw meat or just food in general, if he's really hungry.


    Naru was born to a very traditional and spiritual family in the region of Maeor, in Kamdor. Their strange fur coloring and abnormally large tails, as well as ears, had been a thing that ran in their bloodline, which are speculated to come from some sort of genetic disorder as a result of the events that happened during the Long Dark, that appeared to affect their ancestors as well. But of course, those are all just rumors. His childhood and adolescence were filled with adventures of all kind, exploring the jungles of Maeor, training in the martial arts taught to both him and his siblings by his father, and hunting dangerous creatures - at first with his family, then on his own, once he became strong enough.

    Reaching adulthood, Naru learned of the Rantori Pilgrims, and realized it'd been his dream all along - to explore an even greater place than even his own planet, and meet all new kinds of people. In a few years, he got some basic education, then headed into the University of Maeor, where he majored in Xenobiology. Not long after that, he was geared up with his family heirlooms - the Kanadrin (moon-glaive) and Kanaroku (moon-blade) - and sent off into the Fringe, off to realize his newfound dream.

    The Bonds That Tie Us

    Several months passed... and his adventures in the Fringe had yielded bittersweet results. While he had gained almost everything he could ask for, he had also lost all he once had. Harel, his own brother, went on a murderous rampage, took Naru's family away from him and almost managed to kill him during a duel. Although he nearly went over the edge as a result, Dox was able to help him stay himself - even if most of his old personality was gone. He became even more dependent on her as a result, to the point where, without her, he wouldn't be able to live anymore.

    At first, he only had revenge in his mind, and was intent on making Harel pay with his life - but that soon changed as his father's teachings surged back into his mind. He was to forgive, but not forget. And that's what he would try to do.

    A New Dawn

    Soon after the incident, Naru awakened his psionics, something that also changed his life rather drastically. This made him feel proud, since part of his religion revolved around unlocking one's 'inner powers' - in this case, said psionics. However... this also brought an array of troubles with it.

    On his way back from some Precursor interdimensional shop, he and Dox were confronted by two mysterious, black-clad figures. These threatened them that they should keep quiet about their powers, or they should be dealt with. Not only that, but after Rehi and Gossa got kidnapped by some Miniknog agents, the two realized they had been outed by their own friends as psions, which caused them to go into hiding, back in Keidus. They settled down there for the time being, at least until the heat died down. Shortly after, Enoch and his family moved in with them, although in their own self-built house. In Naru's mind, that only reinforced his notion that they should just stay there, for their own good.


    Parents: Venril Sera'Maeor (Father), Kari Sera'Maeor (Mother)
    Siblings: Harel Sera'Maeor (Older Brother), Jiro Sera'Maeor (Little Sister), Sonari Sera'Maeor (Older Sister)


    { Dox }
    - My light. My only reason to keep going. She's been with me through thick and thin, and I will never forget everything she's done for me. I can and will never be able to express how lucky I am to have met her. The day I almost lost her is the day both I and my life began changing. I cannot imagine a reality without her anymore. Silly, caring, cute, and willing to put up with my stuff. What else could I ever ask for?

    { Ki'a } - Our protégé. I'm... unsure of what he thinks of me, really. He appreciates me, I know that much. However - it seems I've been wearing him down by venting to him about my own struggles, which is understandable. Although I can see why Dox wants to keep his innocence... I genuinely think he needs to toughen up. The Fringe is too harsh a place for people like him, and even my past self. I learned that the hard way. He comes back home every couple of days a nervous, crying wreck, and every time I see that, it pains me. Right now, and in all honesty, I think he needs to find a way to stop allowing every little thing in his life to shake him up so much. It will be for the better, even if it changes him.


    - Cool, friendly guy. Genuinely love having him as our neighbor in Keidus, and I fully intend on helping him and his family settle in. He was there when I almost lost Dox, and accompanied us when we went to the hospital. It seems he's also great moral support for Ki'a, which... is really appreciated, during these times.

    Eri - She's weird, but I like her. She's apparently a Hylotl, despite being... massive, and almost unable to talk if she doesn't drink mead. Body modifications, perhaps? I'll have to look into it. Despite her size and intimidating appearance, her personality is very sweet and caring. Reminds me of Dox, in a way - tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Sorta.

    Ichiro - He helped me when I broke down in front of him, and offered further support in case I needed it. Although this may not seem like much, it really is, to me. He is most definitely someone I can rely on - a good friend. I hope I'm able to talk with him more in the future.


    Gossa - I don't understand her, most of the time. I just... can't tell if she just has weird humor or something. There's a lot of stuff I don't get about the Fringe yet, so it might just be that. I don't seem to be the only one who thinks this, though, which... says something, probably. Eh, who knows. Sometimes the weirder minds are the smarter ones...


    Budhu - You paid mercenaries to deal with Dox, after you harassed Ki'a. Watch out - if you hurt her in any way, you'll regret it, quick.

    Rehi - Learn to shut your mouth before you get both of us in even more danger.


    |_Harel Sera'Maeor_| - There is still much to learn, brother. I see it now, I made a mistake. Perhaps I can still save you, unlike my family.


    Peaceful or violent: Violent if threatened
    Weapon (if applicable): Vibro-electroblade (family treasure), dual laser pistols, 12-inch combat knife
    Style of fighting: Similar to Shaolin Guandao Wushu, Shaolin Bo Wushu if he's using a staff, and a Kenjutsu/Daoshu mix if he's using a sword - basically, a load of acrobatics and flashy moves mixed in with both offense and defense, making use of his superior agility to outmaneuver and eventually overpower the enemy.

    Recently, Naru has developed a sword-and-gun fighting style, too, mainly consisting on running around the enemy, dishing out slashes and delivering lethal shots whenever he's got the chance. This style is very stamina-intensive and is mostly supposed to be used against big single targets, more than anything else, especially because a lot of it makes use of Naru's shorter stature.


    Occupation: Guérir Researcher
    Favorite types of food: Meat, preferrably.
    Favorite types of drink: Anything works.
    Hobbies/past times: Training and exercising.
    Guilty pleasures: None.
    Pet peeves: Being called big-ears, having his tail pulled
    Pets: None.
    Talents: Extremely acrobatic and athletic due to his species and general upbringing. Really strong for his species. Also really good in melee combat.
    Favorite colors: Red, green
    Favorite type of music: Any type really. Except really loud music because it hurts his big ears.

    Naru and Crimson.png Ki'a & Naru.png Naru Moon Stance (Wind).png
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