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    Napalm Weapons
    Self-Immolation System, SIS, Fire Weapons
    A napalm weapon can be any melee weapon, whether a baton, sword, or halberd, but they all share three main components. A tank to store flammable substances in, gasoline, propane, hydrogen, napalm, etc, a way to leak the fuel onto the blade or surface, and an igniter. Some glitch “wizards'' make swords that look identical to any other sword, but they have pores where the fuel leaks from all over. The much much cheaper option is a simple gas tank and a line that sprays the fuel all over the weapon.

    • Weapon lights on fire.
    • Depending on the fuel used, the still burning fuel can be left behind in the wound the weapon has made.
    Conditional Abilities:
    • Can use several different fuels, not limited to napalm.
    • Fuel canister can explode very easily since it's normally unprotected in the hilt, though this placement is not a rule.
    • Due to heat stress, the metal the weapon is made of will crack and break eventually. This is only accelerated if the user uses it on the regular.
    Conditional Limitations:
    • Depending on the fuel, fuel can be spilled over the user if the weapon is compromised.
    How does it work:
    High quality flame weapons are made by creating pores in the metal itself leading to a center tube which is hooked up to a fuel canister, when a switch on the hilt is flipped the fuel will be pumped through the tube and out the pores all over the blade. An igniter (which is generally but not always on the guard) can be flicked to light the fuel creating the “flaming” part of “flaming weapon.”

    Medium quality ones can be achieved in a similar fashion, except by simply drilling holes to the center tube. Low quality ones might have lines directly attached to the surface of the weapon with holes cut into them to simply spew the fuel all over it.

    Flavor text:
    The knight’s torch burnt out as he entered the final chamber in the cavern. A low growl came from within, and the sound of skitters echoed through the cave. He drew his sword, “I do not fear you creatures of the dark.” His words carried down the chamber. WOOSH! The blade of his sword erupted into a pillar of fire, illuminating the large spiders around him, and the enormous mother of all of them at the center of the room.

    Attainability: OPEN
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    Category: Melee Armaments
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    Hey, I had thought when we discussed this you were going for something a bit different. Given that this is pretty simple tech relative to the current era's technology level, I'm going to defer it. Consider it accepted.
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