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    Original by xxscorps.

    Name of technology or augmentation: The Nano-Reformer Box

    Description: A box filled with Nano bots and a small device that transmits wireless power and orders to them, these can range from any size, and require great facilities to make.

    How does it work: The Box is essentially a Large Vacuum with a nest of Nano-bots residing in it. Useful for construction, the nano bots get deep into material, cutting it apart into tiny pieces at the microscopic scale for later. When done, they return to their hangar type things in the box. Each nano-bot has a Wireless receiver so that they can charge and receive objectives. The user can put material into an attatched Vacuum container, then order the Nano-Bots to Disassemble them. Materials are put in the box to build something, the user requires the correct amount of materials (Essentially one can create simple durasteel armour from a pile of Durasteel plates). Scanning of an initial object is required to construct blueprints for the Nano-bots to work off (In simple terms, its a map of where to put things, and how much) Someone can hand craft blueprints. Nano-bots use Nano-Plasma-Cutters, and move via Magnetic field.

    What is it's intended use:
    • Armour Repairing
    • Repairing of tiny faults that cannot be reached by hand
    • Construction of things

    • These can deconstruct almost anything.
    • These can repair small faults
    • These can construct anything, aslong as they have the required materials/parts
    • Additional power effects the speed of construction or deconstruction by about 30 mins
    • Increased box size speeds construction or deconstruction times. And allows for bigger constructions or deconstructions.
    • Large Batteries can be carried to ensure that the Nano-bots have the power of the reactor.
    • The First Nano-Bot is always built EMP-proof, incredibly close observers will see the slightly increased size of it

    • Nano Bots cannot traverse outside the Box!
    • Due to the nature of the wireless power transmission, The range is small, about 4 feet in diameter around the Nano-box Transmitter, this means there is a need for multiple facilities if production time is needed to increase.
    • Charging the Batteries take ages. 1-2 Hours with a nuclear reactor
    • Strong armours such as durasteel and Aegisalt, etc. Take a considerable while, For example, It would take 5 Hours to dissasemble an Aegisalt plate, depending on the size of the Nano-Box, for 5 hours it would need a Backpack-Box.
    • It takes a little less time, but still considerable of about 3-4 hours to assemble an Aegisalt plate.
    • Nano-Bots take considerable amounts of power to operate, Even more when deconstructing or constructing
      • For an example, it would take a mini-reactor about the size of a desktop computer to construct smoothly at the optimum speed.
    • If the Nano-bots are EMP'd, it would take most of them out, Except the first one. The user would then need to recover them.. This is also the same if they run out of power.
    • Alloys such as Durasteel and Aegisalt take the time of the two metals combined (Based on sample plate sizes) Plus 1 Hour
    • Stronger Materials such as Impervium and Aegisalt take significantly more power, and material is wasted due to increased intensity of plasma cutters.

    Here is an example list of times based on a Backpack Box deconstructing a 50x50cm 20mm in thickness plate:
    • Impervium- 10 Hours, 1/2 Material lost Plexiglass, Depending on mm would take - 1 Hours.
    • Durasteel- 3 Hours
    • Aegisalt - 5 Hours, with 1/9th material lost
    • Ferozium - 3 Hours
    • Cerulium - 3 Hours
    • Violium - 4 Hours
    • Rubium - 2 Hours

    How you believe this will assist in benefiting roleplay: Nice explanation for manufacturing things out of nowhere.

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    Attainability: Open. But remember that it is complicated Tech!