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    General Information
    First name: Nalani
    Middle name(s): Lucia
    Surname: Wingmore
    Age: 29
    Date of birth: 29 / 12 / 3258
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Current residence: Her own ship
    Relationship status: Single
    Social status: Friendly
    Financial standing: Struggling to make ends meet

    Traits of Voice
    Accent (if any): West Indian
    Language spoken: English
    Other languages known: French
    Style of speaking: Rushes, swears often, very blunt
    Volume of voice: Loud, but gets quiet when upset
    Voiceclaim: Ajay Che

    Physical Appearance
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 127
    Eye color: Hazel
    Skin color: Chestnut
    Shape of face: Round
    Distinguishing features: Thick brows, small ears, wide eyes
    Build of body: Fit and thin
    Hair color: Black
    Hair style: Top bun or natural
    Posture: Stands straight with hips forward
    Tattoos: Mountain on bottom right calf
    Piercings: Septum ring
    Typical clothing: Almost always wearing red headband, Comfortable tank top and black leggings, desert robes
    Is seen by others as: friendly, cowardly, a closed book

    Likes: Exploration, technology, knowledge
    Dislikes: Dishonesty, rudeness, moons
    Education: Homeschooled up to low university level
    Fears: The spectres of the moon
    Personal goals: To successfully create an Erchius Fuel running company
    General attitude: Hopeful
    Religious values: Devout Catholic
    General intelligence: Average
    General sociability: Open to new people, will start conversations with people she finds interesting

    Illnesses (if any): ---
    Allergies (if any): ---
    Sleeping habits:
    In bed early, up early. Never misses her 8 hours.
    Energy level: High
    Eating habits: Eats a lot to accommodate her metabolism
    Memory: Average
    Any unhealthy habits: Binge Drinks

    Beta Order 1, 05 / 06 / 3267

    "We're gonna go play at the bottom of the hill!" She cried, running out the front door, her older sister in tow. Their mother grabbed her older sisters arm, "ya watch out for her, Dee. Don't be goin' in dat cave now." The child nodded and skittered along after her younger sister.

    "We've been out here for hours... It won't hurt just to check it out! I heard noises coming out of there last night, and you've seen those crazy rocks... I've just gotta see!" And without giving her sister the chance to stop her, Nalani was running headfirst for the cave. It didn't take long for the two of them to be well beyond the floodlights their parents had set up during their excavations. "Just a little farther!" Nalani shouted back to her timid older sister, much to her chagrin.
    Tersius Alpha 3's Moon, 02 / 19 / 3285

    "Dee! Slow down! I've got this big, fuckin' bag to carry ya know!" Nalani pleaded, her back and shoulders sore, her legs daring to give up.
    "Real Erchius miners don't worry about silly little things like weight, or pain!" Her older sister said over her shoulder. Although Nalani couldn't see it, she felt that shit eating grin creep across Dee's face. "Think of all the money we're gonna make, Nala!"
    Her sister was right, the pain was unbearable, but the thought of the money they'd make off of today's haul made it just bearable enough. Their dream of running an Erchius Fuel running company was finally within grasp. She giggled to herself briefly as she thought of their cliched, "one last job."

    There was a rumbling below them, not unlike what they were used to on their expeditions deep into these lonely moons, but something dropped hard in Nalani's stomach. There was a pit deep within her and her heart began to beat quickly. "Hey Dee, why don't we unload and take a break for a while, ya? I'm not feelin' too hot..." She asked, looking over her own shoulder nervously. "Mmph!"

    She collided with the hard chest of her older sibling, and turned her head back forward to look up at the imposing figure now facing her. Deidre was strong, and it showed, but her smile was as gentle as a flower and just as pleasant. "Nala, we've done this a thousand times over, what's going on with you? Where's my brave little sis?"

    Nalani blushed out of embarrassment and was forced to look down, "I'm here... I just... Somethings off, Dee." She pleaded. Her voice was softer than usual, and Deidre could tell something was wrong.

    "Okay Nala, there's a vein up ahead, I can see the glow from here. After that, we'll go right back to the ship and turn in for the night." She reassured Nalani, putting her hand on her shoulder, her signature heroic grin returning once again. Nalani felt a small wave of relief, but couldn't ignore the sickening pit in her stomach.

    It wasn't long before they had mined the solid Erchius Deidre had seen, and they were on their way back up to the ship. She had the larger bag around her shoulder, Nalani's bag much smaller, but proportionate to each of their sizes. "See Nala, told you it wouldn't be too bad!" She said proudly, slapping Nalani's shoulder harder than her little sister would prefer, but just as hard as she'd always do it. Her throat was too hoarse to respond, but she mustered a weak smile.

    There was another sickening rumble, enough to make the two women stop in their tracks and brace themselves. This wasn't what they were used to, they needed to get back to the ship now, but before they could continue, a long, thin, glowing pink appendage seemed to flow right out of the ground, placing itself in front of them. Another appendage phased through the moon rock and perched itself on the ceiling, and another, and another. Six appendages manifested before a cylindrical body began to phase upwards, its mouth sharp and jagged, the inside an impossibly black abyss. Its eyes were small and lifeless, but they could both tell it was locked onto them. It moved slowly, undulating gently as it did, towards them, and emitted a small wailing sound that seem to pinch their ears in just the wrong way. Nalani's legs were shaking from fear and pain, and if it weren't for the adrenaline coursing through her veins, she'd have collapsed. She looked at her older sister, a bastion of courage and strength, now reduced to a quivering, terrified mess, her eyes basically bulging from her head. Nalani could almost see the gulp Deidre took in the faint light, and watched silently as her older sister forcibly and quickly took the heavy bag from Nalani's shoulder with ease, and knocked her on her unsuspecting ass.

    It happened fast, but it felt like ages. Nalani sat there and watched as her older sister darted deeper into the cave, unable to get past the giant beast. They had heard legends of a ghost who would consume anyone who got between it and it's food, cautionary tales for children they thought. But this ghastly creature must have been what they were referring to. It crawled past Nalani emotionlessly, much faster than it had emerged, and she could do nothing, but stare hopelessly at it. The faint light of her sisters backpack glow stick had faded, followed quickly by the brighter pink light of the monstrosity.

    Nalani was left with only the salty discharge of the sweat from her brow and a seemingly endless flow of tears down her dirty cheeks. "Deidre..." She muttered after what felt like hours. Her voice was dry and felt like sandpaper coming out of her throat. "Deidre..." She cried out quietly, managing to stumble to her feet and deeper into the cave. "Deidre please answer me..." She was begging now. She knew the truth, but she wouldn't let herself accept it. She couldn't accept it. "Deidre!" She shouted, now running down the narrow tunnel.

    She sat on the floor of the ships shower, water falling over her broken, battered body. Her face was wet with tears as she clutched her knees desperately, her nails digging into her own calves until a trickle of blood drew from each finger.

    She lay in bed that night wide awake, her eyes staring up at a black ceiling. Her mind prayed to a God she struggled to believe in at the moment. How could He allow something so sinister to exist? This wasn't the work of God. This was the work of the Devil, and now Nalani was paying for some unknown sin she had committed in a past life.

    It was days before she managed to fall asleep, and months before she managed to have a sleep without a nightmare. She finally got herself back on her feet; her routines were back in place, she was working on the ship and fixing it where it needed. But she had no money. The only thing she knew was Erchius, and she would do anything to never have to step foot on another moon. But she knew she would have to sooner or later...


    Parents: Delaney Wingmore and Sasha Williams
    Siblings: Deidra Wingmore
    Any enemies (and why): ---
    Children: ---
    Friends: ---
    Best friend(s): Deidra Wingmore
    Love interest (if there is one): ---

    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, but defensive
    Weapon (if applicable): Assault Rifle
    Style of fighting: Stay back and avoid conflict

    Occupation: Erchius Fuel delivery driver
    Pet peeves:
    Being interrupted, people probing into her life
    Talents: Great singer, excellent pilot
    Favorite colors: Blue and red
    Favorite type of music: Psychedelic Rock