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    Name: Nabbeth Petalsbury

    Age: 23

    Date of Birth: April 3rd

    Sexuality: Bisexual, per the demands of being a Floran

    Nationality: Common Floran

    Religion: None.

    Theme Music: Possession, from JJBA - Stardust Crusaders (casual), Shinobiyoru Teki from JJBA - Stardust Crusaders (battle)

    Friends: Plants, other Florans

    Enemies: Hyotls, herbivores, that one lady that says he should be chopped up and served to her diabetic son every time he goes to the mall.

    Citizenship Status: Knave-like civil servant to the Floran empire, outlaw, cannibal, and scavenger to everyone else.

    Occupation: Hunter, scavenger, cannibal, scoundrel, gardens in spare time. Works as a mercenary of medium status, and has a habit of partially or entirely eating his targets.

    Skills: Amaetur mechanic, vast expertise in hunting, enjoys making powerful weapons from scratch, such as grenades and guns with acidic or incendiary properties, even if they tend to fail or fall apart within weeks.

    Personality: If one were to get past Nabbeth’s primitive lack of sympathy for those he considers prey, along with his lust for violence, along with his cannibalistic and manipulative tendencies, Nabbeth is an enjoyable individual to have as an ally. If he sees you as a friend, he will protect you with his life, with the exception of when a greater reward is offered to him, such as a full belly. He has given up on attempting to correct hisss sssspeech impediment. Nabbeth is proud of his accomplishments, to a borderline narcissistic level based on how much time and effort he puts into the subject task. He loves his house, his ship, his crew, and his best weapons (best as in “hasn’t self-destructed or fallen apart yet”). Nabbeth loves to flirt, and often wears slim-fitting or revealing clothing to show himself off.

    Phobias: Nabbeth hates needles. Apex civilizations give him the creeps due to how symmetrical and unnatural they are.

    Likes: Plants, fresh air, explosives, eating, eating other people, fresh meat, the sensation of a full belly, freshly tailored outfits, enclosed pods, gardening, admiring his appearance, basking in the sun while laying in a small body of water, flirting, flaunting, looting, fighting.

    Dislikes: Needles, Apex architecture, herbivores.

    Extra: Nabbeth has a habit of eating excessively, almost to the point of distending his stomach cavity. Nabbeth’s body is both male and female, as like all Florans, so Nabbeth sometimes alternates between looking feminine and masculine.

    Physical Appearance

    Physical Description: Nabbeth stands at about 7’5” tall, and sports a slender appearance. His skin is colored an olive hue, and his leaves are colored blue-green. Nabbeth is notably strong, being just a bit stronger than an average Floran. As an attempt to stand out from other Florans, he wears strands of thorny vines around his right bicep and his left thigh. He usually takes these vines off when wearing more human outfits.

    Tech and Augments used: Sonic Sphere / Wall Sphere, Multi-Jump, Blink Dash

    Height: 7’5”

    Race: Floran

    Species: Floran

    Gender: Male most of the time, gender is used very loosely in Floran culture.

    Backstory and More

    On-going Story: Nabbeth, after losing in a hunting ceremony and escaping the planet in shame using a modestly sized Floran vessel full of leafy overgrowth and decay, is trying to adapt to his new form as an adult Floran, and his new life as a roguish mercenary. He lives paycheck to paycheck, relying on hunting and eating his targets in order to keep himself from starving. He lives alone, aside from his crew of one chemist and three soldiers. Nabbeth searches the universe in hopes to find greatness, riches, and, most importantly, a full stomach.

    Backstory: Nabbeth was an ordinary Floran born in the slums of Florus. Born with a lack of fear in the face of danger, along with an unnatural appetite (even for Floran standards), Nabbeth was taught the standard education for a Floran, which was, to say, very very little. This didn’t stop Nabbeth from searching for crashed ships hidden in the depths of the forest and scanning through their logs. Because of this, Nabbeth was unnaturally clever and far wiser than his peers.

    As per the experience of all living organisms, Nabbeth had an uncomfortably long time dealing with his changing body. With a lack of gender roles among the Floran, Nabbeth was given a choice between appearing male or female. Due to a complete lack of ability to choose, Nabbeth kept his body as neutral as possible so he could dress how he wanted.

    At age 16, Nabbeth stood as the second best predator in his first hunt, being beaten only by a larger, stronger Floran, which, bless his luck, had a brain smaller than a walnut. Even if Nabbeth had a large chance of completely outsmarting the Rival, he needed a backup plan. Nabbeth had spent most of his time learning how to predict enemy tactics rather than strengthening his body, and while he was mentally adept, knowing was only half the hunt.

    Nabbeth spent the next year training his body to peak fitness, as well as using sunlight and healing springs to strengthen his skin and leaves. At age 18, Nabbeth’s second hunt was upon him. Nabbeth woke up early to set log traps on the hunting course to have the extra edge.

    In spite of his preparations, the hunt was a disaster for Nabbeth. The Rival had only greatened in power, as did his peers. While they weren’t nearly as clever or cunning as he was, they stood superior in physical prowess. They didn’t even need such cunning to notice the log trap’s tripwires laying low in the grass. It was a severe blow to Nabbeth, and the defeated Floran shamefully left the planet using a rickety hodge-podge of crashed ship parts and plant matter.

    Nabbeth would eventually stumble upon the Outpost, where he would become a less prominent bounty hunter. Nabbeth decided he would have to get used to living a simple and quiet life, just after he beat this Rival at his own game. Nabbeth currently trains in his ship to strengthen himself for the day he will come out on top.

    Spoilers: Nabbeth will eventually succeed in taking down his Rival, but he loses his eye to the Rival’s spear. Luckily, this doesn’t make Nabbeth any worse of a shot.

    Inspirations: Yoshikage Kira

    Extra: Nabbeth loves jumpsuits, because they “feel ssssafe!”

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