Murphy Dierdre O'Ruanaidh

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    General Information
    Full name: Murphy Deirdre O'Ruanaidh

    Age: 37
    Date of birth: December 17th, 3252
    Race: Human

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Relationship status: Open

    Current residence: Margury City

    Social status: Margury City Citizen
    Financial standing: Wealthy, asset-heavy. So probably out of money.

    Traits of Voice
    Accent (if any): Central/Southern Irish
    Language spoken: Common
    Other languages known: Irish Gaelic (fluent but rusty)
    Style of speaking: Very quick, one thing rolls into the next
    Volume of voice: depends on how much alcohol she's had on a spectrum from very quiet to very loud

    Physical Appearance
    Height: 5'2" / 157cm
    Weight: 126lb / 57kg

    Eye color: Green
    Skin color: Pale
    Shape of face: Round/triangular

    Build of body: Wiry frame, though more healthy than before. Pretty average now.
    Hair color: Red. Sometimes blonde, but it's been red for a while now.
    Hair style: Shoulder-length, somewhat curly, usually worn with a headband now.
    Complexion: A lot of freckles, sunburnt very easily.
    Posture: Straight, relaxed, usually leans on something/on one side

    Distinguishers: She wears glasses despite surgical tech being available. She also has a lot of scars on her hands, some burn marks on her arms, and a lot of freckles.
    Tattoos: Removed tattoos on her back, formerly a lot of traditional knot/family crest symbols. Has a semicolon tattooed on her wrist.
    Piercings: Both ears, lower and upper lobes
    Typical clothing: Usually jeans, t-shirt and a light jacket, but has chosen sometimes more feminine clothing like blouses or baggy sweaters lately.

    Is seen by others as: To people who don't know her, fairly non threatening. Probably somewhat quaint, relaxed, aloof. She doesn't give off red flag crazy bitch vibes.

    To people who do know her, she's a nutcase with an inflated ego. Has a lot of blood on her hands. She's got a weird history.


    Murphy has had a lot of personality swings and personal growth over the years she's been in the fringe. She's gone from a quiet, reserved techie to an overinflated, egotistic maniac and back to a more mature, quiet and professional person. She's kept focus on her work to keep her mind active, and she's used her experiences as a jumping point for self-improvement. Nowadays, she sees diligent effort to help others as a way of giving penance for what she's done in the past. She has a deep-seated fear that if her routine is disrupted she may begin lashing out again.

    Likes: The garage/the workshop, getting her hands dirty in some new project, studying, reading, hiking, occasional boxing, loud music
    Dislikes: Braggarts, underachievers/apathetic people, isolation, unnecessary violence, shouting, cheap tools ("buy once, cry once")

    Education: Master's degree in mechanical engineering technology, bachelor's degree in industrial engineering. Marksmanship training (formal), basic first aid (formal), machining (formal), physical and software design (formal), gunsmithing (semi-formal), atmospheric piloting (self-taught)

    Fears: "Hard" drugs, dissociation/a relapse into her past, physical violence, forgetting

    Personal goals: 'Make up' for her past, maintain stability and a routine for herself, always keep learning and growing, get better at playing guitar and singing

    Religious values: No strong faith, follows Catholic background and holidays

    General attitude: Spacey, mellowed out
    General intelligence: Very high
    General sociability: Moderate


    Illnesses (if any):
    • Manic syndrome (medicated)
    • Reactive psychosis (medicated)
    • Moderate asthma, chronic bronchitis (smoking-related)
    • Moderate loss of sensation in her left fingers due to an industrial accident
    Eating habits: Average, keeps track of calorie and micro intake to make sure she's eating well enough, very much a meal-prepper sort of person
    Allergies (if any): Tree nuts (moderate), pollen

    Sleeping habits: Very rigid and regular
    Energy level: Varies, generally relaxed but aware
    Memory: it's complicated

    Any unhealthy habits: Light smoker (former heavy), moderate drinking, binge drinking


    Parents: Brian O'Ruanaidh (father, dead), Siobhan O'Ruanaidh (mother, missing)
    Siblings: Mairenn O'Ruanaidh (sister)

    Love interest (if there is one): N/A
    Best friend(s): Elsie, Jenna Cross
    Friends: Yacke Machitl, Clint Ardzach, Grace


    Peaceful or violent: Generally short-tempered, but peaceful and prone to withdrawal now
    Weapon (if applicable):
    • Light-caliber RSC9 (9x19mm) ballistic handgun, self-designed
    • Folding durasteel utility knife
    • Trained in rifle, pistol marksmanship
    • Explosives manufacturing
    • Not very physically strong, dislikes hand-to-hand fighting
    Style of fighting: Prefers indirect combat, using traps, drones, etc. Avoids direct confrontation or identifying herself if she needs to fight, but is capable with firearms.


    Occupation: Freelance machinist, engineering consultant, semi-retired
    Current home: Margury City

    Favorite types of food: Fried seafood, black pudding, chip butty
    Favorite types of drink: Sparkling water, apple juice, peated whisky
    Favorite colors: Yellow, lavender
    Favorite type of music: Punk rock and acoustic soft stuff

    Guilty pleasures: Organizing toolboxes, paperwork
    Pet peeves: Messy people, body odor, the English

    Pets: Lachlan (tabby cat), Aisling (black kitten), G Saoirse (formerly sister's, injured falcon)
    Talents: Hand-carving, welding

    • (pre-3280s) Born December 17, 3252 to working-class parents in a mining colony
    • (pre-3280s) Ended up on a freighter crew as a mechanic
    • (pre-3280s) Attended McCallan Polytechnic studying mechanical engineering and industrial systems engineering
    • (pre-3280s) Worked for a defense contractor for a USCM supplier as a junior engineer, involved in weapons systems and autonomous controls projects. Quit following failing a mental integrity test and diagnosed with an anxiety disorder
    • (c. 3282) Ended up in a physical confrontation with her then-fiance, and chose to rejoin a spacer crew. After being attacked by pirates, she flew a shuttlecraft to the Fringe to lay low.
    • (c. 3282) Joined the Children of Zerion as a technician, building IEDs
    • (c. 3282) Joined Cross Conglomerate as an engineer, developing weapons and personal armor
    • (c. 3283) Following a physical confrontation with the gang leader of the CoZ, ended up killing him in a heated fight and having a psychic break. Began personally hunting former CoZ members, including her ex-boyfriend, who she killed with an IED
    • (c. 3283) Ended up in a fight with Addison Vedder after assaulting her pregnant boss, Jenna Cross, nearly shot, but Addison chose to detain her and place her on a strict medication regimen
    • (c. 3283) Founded Roscommon Foundry in Jenna's absence to supply weapons and defensive systems to Margury City, hired ~30 engineers (mostly female lol) as well as Yacke and Clint
    • (c. 328?) Left Roscommon to Grace in a trusteeship to focus on herself after a large contract bonus
    • (c. 328?) Freelance machinist, focusing on recovering herself and understanding her mental state
    • (c. 3287) Returned to the public eye as a freelance engineer, looking into starting her own firm again, following laying into a strict regimen to keep her stable

    (approximated according to my recollection of a few years' ago. a lot of stuff happened and there's probably some holes but this is close. basically became a two-life gangster and engineer, killed a bunch of people with traps and drones and ieds, got the snot beaten out of her and put on xanax and then made her own company and disappeared and is Back)

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