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    Name: Murderpuff

    Description: The Murderpuff is a large predator, native to Renaize, which appears to be... a rather large ball of white fluff at first glance. When hibernating, the Murderpuff will hide in caves, curled into a ball in the depths; however, when Renaize grows colder, the Murderpuff species awakens. Murderpuffs average around 10 feet tall at full standing height; they resemble bears in general morphology, with great, flensing claws and large muscular bodies. Their most striking feature outside of their sheer size and claws is their small, beady, dumb-looking bright blue eyes - it would be adorable, if it wasn't so large.

    Behavior: Murderpuffs are large, aggressive predators. They hibernate during Renaize's warm season, and become active during its colder months. During these colder months, they roam the forests of Renaize, acting as an apex predator beyond what most can manage; think bears.

    Tamability: You can try; you'll probably be killed. They're violent, stubborn and very, very likely to just kill you.

    Where is it found?: Renaize in general; slight variations on the species can be seen in the forests as well as even on the edges of the grand frozen lake. They cannot be found in Renaize's volcanic regions, or in the immediate area of its equator.

    Rarity: They exist in territories of about one or two per 100 square miles, and slight variants exist planet-wide across Renaize. They are native to Renaize; any offworld must be exported.

    Diet: It's an omnivore in the same fashion as a bear - it's an opportunistic predator.

    Products?: It has extremely soft and warm fur. Its meat is very much edible, if a bit tough.

    Reproduction: Sexual reproduction; Murderpuffs have a mating season during the coldest part of Renaize's winter, and their young are raised by the female. They do not exhibit substantial sexual dimorphism other than the obvious.

    Size: A little bigger on average than a polar bear. 10' tall at standing (bipedal) height, approximately.

    Weight: A little over 1000 pounds, usually.

    Lifespan: They can live up to 35 years or so in the wild. Nobody's tried to keep them in captivity yet, and it would probably be a bad idea.

    Abilities: Very good eyesight, sense of smell and very, very good at not dying of cold. They can comfortably walk around even in weather as cold as -100 degrees Fahrenheit; they have very high metabolisms and very, very warm fur and blubber, which allows them to survive and even thrive in extremely cold temperatures - as well as contributing to their "walking puffball" appearance.

    Flaws: Will die of heatstroke if introduced into too warm of an environment; too warm is anything much above freezing. This is because of how amazing they are at holding in heat.
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    I don't see anything too bad here! Just like a mega polar bears.
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