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    Name: Mirror Paint, aka Reflective Paint, Glass Paint, Mirror-In-A-Can, etc.

    Description: It's just paint but it reflects like a mirror wherever it's applied!

    Abilities: It's just a kind of paint that reflects like like a mirror that you can carry in a spray can to use on peoples' walls so you can have a portable mirror but be an asshole and vandal at the same time!

    Conditional Abilities (Optional): It may or may not have some applications in the form of makeup, dependent on how much risk the user would like to take putting it on their face and such.

    Limitations: Recommended for use with a roller brush or something similar. If surfaces aren't perfectly flat or have tiny bumps and such it will of course show when applied, in the form of a less perfect mirror image in that particular spot.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional): It's toxic. Don't eat it, or chips of it. It will make you quite ill if you consume enough.

    How does it work: Using a special concoction of mildly to moderately toxic chemicals, scientists have been able to create what is essentially Mirror-In-A-Can; the name it was first marketed as, coming in a convenient and easy to carry spray can. Mercury is somewhere in that list of ingredients, so it's wise not to consume it.

    Flavor text: Mirror-In-A-Can had limited success in its first form, but recently the patent expired, and its limited success prompted its creators not to renew it, so it is able to be manufactured, used, modified and sold however individuals or companies deem fit.

    Attainability: Open, and quite common- as are its ingredients. It can be purchased at most stores that sell things for home improvement, architecture, make-up, and artwork.

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    This is not hard to picture existing at all. Initial Pass. Any questions I had at the start of this document were answered at the end of reading it.
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    mirror paint mirror paint