Mimmikol [ ZECYRIA ]

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    Description: Mimmikol are exotic and vibrant balls of colourful gas, best described as a rainbow Mandelbrot. Mimmikol are not only capable of floating off the floor of the Deepwood but are also equipped with a small yet effective a range of defensive measures to protect itself from hostile predators.

    Staring into the 'eye' of a Mimmikol will result in the 'victim' becoming completely mesmerized due to the gas causing a chemical reaction inside the brain, flooding it with dopamine and filling the victim with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and euphoria while the Mimmikol tears away at the fabric of its victims will to live, all while they are distracted with happy thoughts. This ability will not work on non-organic life-form such as Glitch, Android or Synthetics due to the Digital Neural Network that is made from code, unable to fall for the trick. Once complete, which can take up to five minutes, the Mimmikol will 'blink' its eye, ending the trick and the ‘victim’ will be left without a shred of happiness, filled with an overwhelming sense of pointlessness and suffering from suicidal thoughts. These effects last up to 72 hours. The Mimmikol can also replay any sounds it hears within a ten-minute window, resulting in a rather strange and distorted noise emitting from the ‘eye’ of the creature. This ability is commonly used to ward off predators, as the Mimmikol will mimic the predator of its predator, usually in the form of the screech of the Yemeket which over the eons, the Mimmikol has memorized.

    Although these creatures are believed to be sentient, not enough research has been carried out on them for two reasons; the threat level of the Deepwood and their preferred vicinity deep inside of it and away from the strong winds of the plains that can disperse and kill it, making locating Mimmikol an almost impossible and suicidal task. Although the Zecyrians are mostly unaware of its existence, there are around two thousand Mimmikol left across the entire planet.

    Upon death, the Mimmikol will make a copy of itself from its fragments, unless it is entirely absorbed, as it repeats its life-cycle. The new Mimmikol having no knowledge of its former self. Due to the energy it takes to sustain its own life upon death, the Mimmikol cannot create multiple copies of itself, pouring all of its life essence into a small ball of gas no larger than a child's fingernail. It is unknown where they originated from, although scientists suspect something to do with the planets aurora and lower atmosphere.

    Behaviour: Solitary. Mimmikol seem to live an almost pointless life, devoid of any real meaning as they absorb gas and continue to do what everything in the galaxy attempts to do, keep living.

    Tamability: Unknown.

    Where is it found?: Native to the Deepwood of Zecyrion. 6kms+ into the Deepwood from the treeline.

    Rarity: Extremely rare.

    Diet: Naturally occurring gasses including those from corpses for sustenance. Also feeds on tiny insects such as fireflies that are absorbed and turned into more gas.

    Products?: Traces of gas.

    Reproduction: Will make a copy of itself upon death, although this will be a new life-form with no knowledge of the previously dead Mimmikol.

    Size: Varies from the size of a fingernail to the size of a small vehicle, depending on how much gas is being sustained and absorbed. No larger than a small vehicle such as a sedan, as the gasses begin to disperse and fade away around the Mimmikol due to its swollen size.

    Weight: Insignificant. It is gas.

    Lifespan: Technically, immortal.

    • Can smother a threat in toxic gas, effectively suffocating them.
    • Hypnotizes their threats for up to five minutes, causing them to become hopeless and suicidal once released.
    • Can reshape itself into the form of other creatures, although they will still appear as colourful gasses in this form.
    • Cannot survive outside of the Deepwood.
    • Can be eliminated with energy weapons.
    • A strong gust of wind will disperse the gas, effectively killing it.
    • Due to their vibrant and colourful glow, they are easy to spot in the darkness of the Deepwood.
    • Can kill itself by triggering an explosion within itself, capable of blowing out eardrums and causing minor amounts of physical trauma.

    [ Note: After the appropriate research has been carried out IC, this could potentially become a sentient species application. Undecided but leaving this note here. For now this is for events. ]
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    Heya. This is a really interesting app. And as you predicted, I've got a few questions I'm gonna have to ask before this is passed.

    What exactly triggers the hypnosis? Is it the act of staring into the eye itself? Or does one have to be within the cloud of gases, and within the Mimmikol's sphere of influence?

    Regarding the aspect of it's attack that leaves victims hopeless and suicidal, how does that affect animals and non-sapient organisms? I'd personally suggest that fellow animals that don't have the capacity for higher thinking would be simply made lethargic and unmotivated to hunt or defend territory, instead of feeling the urge to commit suicide, as that would likely go against a life-form's natural instincts.

    Lastly, when it kills itself by detonating, is it still able to reproduce and bud from the remains? Or does taking that route end it's life permanently?

    Pending for now.