Milani Ahi'mi

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    General Information
    First name: Milani
    Surname: Ahi'mi
    Age: 22
    Date of birth: 03/01/3263
    Race: Viven Anoloa
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Current residence: An apartment New Corrav
    Relationship status: It’s extremely complicated
    Social status: Middle class though she has extravagant spending habits

    Traits of Voice
    Accent: Anoloan; slightly East Asian with the occasional odd clicks
    Language spoken: Heonese and Common
    Style of speaking: Has a habit of sounding glum or sad
    Volume of voice: Very soft
    Voiceclaim: Lulu

    Physical Appearance
    Height: 4’ 9”
    Eye color: White
    Skin color: Lavender
    Distinguishing features: New scar on her leg, over her eye, and her stomach slightly off center and to the left. Has started wearing an eyepatch for fun
    Build of body: Curvy but healthy
    Hair color: Platinum blonde
    Hair style: Up in a messy, teased, goth ponytail
    Tattoos: Ref
    Piercings: Several tiny holes punched through her wings
    Typical clothing: Anything black and gothic. She's always wearing a skirt or a dress.
    Seen by others as: A gloomy socialite

    Likes: Partying, taxidermy, crafting, spirituality
    Dislikes: Ignorance, isolation, doctors, intense violence
    Education: Educated on Heon, extra education as a nun
    General attitude: Dreary and pessimistic while also hopeful
    General intelligence: Highly emotionally intelligent, not very learned in academics
    General sociability: Willing to give most people a shot

    Occupation: Full time Netsy seller
    Current home: Apartment in New Corrav
    Hobbies/past times: Partying, crafting, socializing, taxidermy
    Talents: Multi-talented; is good at making things with her hands, sewing, carving, jewelry making. Has a decent singing voice
    Favorite colors: Black, Gold, and Orange
    Favorite type of music: Anything dark, grungy, and moody
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    Caesar ??? - We just started dating, but I'm really thankful for Caesar. He's been so supportive of me in ways I never knew I needed. I don't know if I've met a kinder or more gentle person. I can't wait to see how our relationship develops. He's very private and reserved, and I'm doing my best to respect that. I just hope I don't mess things up again.

    Evelyn - I'd say Evelyn is probably my closest friend. I haven't known her long, but I love to talk to her, and she's helped me out a lot. I trust her, even if she doesn't really trust me. I guess I understand, I'm not the best person, but I hope she doesn't dislike me. I worry about that a lot. She doesn't really seem to trust Caesar, either. Maybe she just worries too much like I do.

    Vilidius Cal - A good friend of mine. He's not always the best person to other people, not even close, and I don't think what he's done is right, but he's always been nice and supportive of me. People don't see that side of him often, but they don't ever give him the chance to. I worry about him a lot, I hope he's alright.

    Gideon - I want so badly for him to get better. I feel really bad that he's been having such a hard time lately. I don't think what he does is necessarily right either, but he's not what people make him out to be. I get tired of people seeing only one side of the story. I genuinely hope that maybe one day he'll get out of this place he's in.

    Belle - I worry a lot that she doesn't like me anymore. I invited her to the open house, but when things went badly she left. I haven't really talked to her since. I've been afraid to, but we were becoming good friends before that. I just feel like she wouldn't like to talk to me anymore after finding out.

    Caesar de Guanciale - I owe my life to him, truly. He saved my life the night that I was attacked, and for that I will be eternally grateful. He seems really goofy and fun, really caring despite being such a dope sometimes. I hope to get to know him more, and talk to him more about psionics.

    Kezalk - My mentor. Sometimes I'm unsure how to feel about him, but I genuinely appreciate his guidance on my path. He's helped me remain stable through the worst of times, and for that I am really thankful. He's just always so vague. I know it's meant to help me on my own path, but I still find myself lost a lot of the time.

    Tal - He's my roommate. A bit weird, kind of spastic, but he's really genuine and sweet. I just hope he settles down more as he gets more used to the Fringe. I've really appreciated having his company.

    Aries - We've known each other for awhile, and I appreciate him. I messed up before, though. I get him being upset with me. I know he's said things are fine now, but I still worry.

    Leonidas - I really was worried, at first, but he's genuinely just worried about us. He doesn't understand, sometimes, and I don't understand him, but I should learn to have more patience. He's just glad to have friends.

    Testament - We got off on the wrong foot, but I'm willing to give him a second chance. Seems fun enough, despite everything.

    Sinji Etka - I'm not sure what to think. He really caught me off guard, but, I'm intrigued, at least.

    Cirillo de Guanciale - I was nervous to meet him, but he was a lot less intimidating than I anticipated. I worry a bit about being called to help his family and Rendera again, though.

    Catia de Guanciale - She... sure is something. I couldn't stand how she treated me at the dinner, but I hope our conversation afterward really helped smooth things over. I understand why she was upset, but she didn't have to take it out on me in the way she did.

    Roadkill - I wish things didn't have to end the way that they did, but I'm not sorry for standing up for my culture and how he treated me over it. I don't really want to associate myself with him anymore, or even think about him, really, but how things went really make me worry about my future with Caesar.
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