Memory Eaters

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    Name: Memory Eaters(‘Memeaters’), Mind-wipers, ‘Eye-Worms’

    Description: Memory Eaters are interloper organisms that take the form of long, black worms or tendrils. They possess no known limbs, as their body is made up of only a white carapace-like ‘Mask’ that forms naturally on them, and an irregular, variable amount of orange-yellow eyes on its ‘head.’ They possess no known vocal patterns or even a mouth to speak of. Their size is variable, and an upper limit has not been found- It is believed that the higher the age of an individual, the bigger it is. The shell has been found to contain minute amounts of Prisilite, should they be harvested.

    Behavior: Originating from Hyperspace, these beings slide between the tapering ends of Realspace, appearing in areas of high cuil reading. They are most often seen in hyperlanes, where they will quickly barrage ships, bringing it to a near-complete halt through unknown means. Whilst accosted in this way, the Memory Eater will attempt to establish eye contact with a life form inside the ship- Going as far as to break the ship to accomplish this, should it need to. After this eye contact is found, the victim will go into an inert, trance-like state- It is often reported that the iris and pupil of the Memory Eaters visible eyes will shift during this, and an occasional mumble can be heard from the victim.

    If broken from this trance preemptively, the victim will undergo a temporary maniac state- Doing whatever it must to get back to the eye. The length of this state fluctuates greatly based on the Eater itself and the length of exposure. Either way, once the connection is ended, the victim will often find themselves lacking bits of knowledge they had once had, or forgetting swathes of their past. Often times, letting the trance conclude on its own will result in complete mind-wipe of the victim, though this is not always the case.

    In most cases, after the first trance is broken either by the worm itself, or by forcibly removing the other party, the Memeater will disappear back into hyperspace.

    When engaged physically- Via ship weaponry most often- their shells are found to be extremely damage resistant, with their body skin being thick enough to be near-impenetrable to all but plasma and high-powered lasers. However, their eyes have been noted to be extremely vulnerable in this way. However, they may attempt to use their mask- Which can come off their body freely in two halves- as a weapon during this time, displaying ZPEM-like abilities.

    Tamability: Memory Eaters are erratic creatures all and all, and can not often be found in stages young enough to put on a ship, much less tame as if a pet. It is plausible that Hyperspace dwelling species, like Visitant, may be able to capture and even subdue them, but they never listen to orders.

    Where is it found?: Randomly about Hyperspace, high-cuil areas, and Hyperlanes.

    Rarity: Rare.

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: It is not understood how Memory Eaters gain sustenance. They are never observed photosynthesizing, nor eating living tissue.

    Products?: A lot of questionably edible meat, a LOT of hard, bone-like carapace with trace amounts of prisilite, and some gooey eyeball juice if killed.

    Reproduction: This, likewise, is unknown.

    Size: Extremely variable, most often much larger than ships.

    Weight: Extremely variable, most often similar to ships.

    Lifespan: Unknown.

    Abilities: Able to use its mask as a weapon. Able to apparently steal memories from individuals through eye contact. Tough body and shell resist weaponry. Massive size.

    Flaws: Vulnerable eyeballs make for a very easy target in a fight. Very rare to see and only capable of persisting in cuil-laden areas. Incapable of functioning in planetary environments.

    Other: Though some parts are listed as unknown, there is obviously an explanation and they will be shared privately with the grader, they're merely marked this way to maintain an air of mystique and danger.

    You may not use Memory Eaters in events or exploration without myself or Dekerrex present.
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    why drink to forget when you can just start a fight with one of these fuckers
    make sure to correct the punctuation error in the "disappear back to hyperspace" sentence!